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TC Electronic's Phil Campbell TonePrint pedal.

TC Electronic recently added Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell to its TonePrint artist roster. Phil created three TonePrints that infuse the Motörhead spirit into both rhythm and lead sounds. Phil’s TonePrints for delay, vibrato and chorus are available to guitarists immediately and completely free of charge at the company’s website or through their app for iOS and Android.

Phil’s TonePrints include his Flashback Delay TonePrint, called Bichon Frissé, which is a relatively short delay like the sound Phil uses on leads. Phil’s TonePrint for Shaker Vibrato, called Roger’s Bitch is a fast vibrato that harkens back to a Hendrix-type feel. And Phil’s TonePrint for Corona Chorus, called Fairy King, is defined by a swirl that stops just shy of ‘fast’ with a shimmer that is nice and wide, and a sweet edge that works great with dirty sounds.



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