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New Jersey’s Calvary Chapel North Jersey recently installed a Line 6 Dream Stage system to satisfy needs for a simple, effective new sound system.

“Because set-up time is such a big consideration for us, we were really looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade our old analog system,” says Tim Gentle, the church’s pastor.

Russell noted the system’s user interface as significant upgrade. “Using a touchscreen instead of a lot of knobs and faders was very appealing,” he notes. “The interface sets up an X/Y grid with four adjectives in the corners, and the engineer just drags their finger toward the sound they want—for instance, ‘bright’—and can hear how it changes as they move.”

The music presentation at Calvary Chapel North Jersey is a full contemporary Christian band, with a worship leader and three backing vocalists. Instruments include Roland V-Drums, multiple guitars, bass, keyboards, saxophone and percussion. All are easily accommodated by the StageScape M20d mixer’s 20 inputs.



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