Longtime co-owner of Owensboro Music Center, Hank Starks, has retired, with partner Gordy Wilcher assuming complete ownership of the Kentucky retail operation that just celebrated its 40th anniversary in business. As of today, the store will be known as “Gordy’s Owensboro Music Center,” and other changes are being implemented.

“After 33-1/2 years, Hank [Starks] has retired and moved to Florida, and we all wish him well,” Wilcher says.

Starks’ decision put Wilcher on a quest to determine what he would to do next. He says he explored other career possibilities, but, “after much soul-searching, fretting, and long talks with my wife, family, and friends, I came to the realization I am where I am meant to be – in our fantastic industry! I even thought about selling out or downsizing, but research told me to stay in our present location, and look for ways to make it better.”

He adds he’s lucky to have a great staff that is “eager to help me recreate Owensboro Music Center,” and he’s added their first woman employee, Lacy Garrenton. “Garrenton is a violinist with both the Owensboro Symphony and Orchestra Kentucky, and also plays guitar, mandolin, keyboards, and is fluent in Spanish.” Veteran staffers Ryan Clark and Louis Smith are staying on.

“Training will be the new norm, so we can offer the best possible shopping experience, and we’ll be implementing many of the strategies and ideas we’ve learned from the Retail Boot Camp and NAMM U sessions I’ve attended,” he says.

Starks was the “heart and soul” of the retailers sound reinforcement and commercial installation divisions, but “we don’t plan on missing a beat when it comes to serving our commercial and live sound customers.

“Yes, we are starting over at 40!” he adds.

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