NAMM and The College Music Society (CMS) have partnered to give NAMM members the opportunity to advertise job openings to CMS members.  CMS, an international service organization for music students and faculty in tertiary education, counts among its membership the most highly trained and qualified potential interns and employees available. The relationship between NAMM and CMS was established in response to NAMM members’ requests over the years for access to a richer pool of potential employees who understand the music-products industry.

"This partnership benefits our members in that they will have access to a pipeline of new employees and interns who know music, care about music, and have been immersed in the music world for their education," said Joe Lamond, president and CEO of NAMM. "Recruiting talented people into our industry and having an opportunity for job postings in music across a wide arrange of interests and expertise is important to all, and we’re grateful to be able to offer this.”

NAMM members receive a 20-percent discount when posting an advertisement on CMS’ online job board, the Music Vacancy List. The Music Vacancy List includes employment opportunities within music and higher education, as well as opportunities in allied professions. Institutions, organizations, businesses, and industries that wish to reach the single most highly trained and educated pool of potential music employees will find the list to be invaluable in identifying potential candidates. The current circulation is approximately 9,000 musicians.

"The CMS-NAMM collaboration unites the education and industry sectors in efforts to support music globally,” said Patricia Shehan Campbell, president of The College Music Society. “Educators and industry personnel are dedicated to preserving and advancing musical culture globally -- by all peoples, wherever the art of music is found.  Our collaboration brings forward our very best to strengthen music everywhere."

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