Jérôme Perrod, president of Buffet Crampon recently announced that from now on WIND (BEIJING WIND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS MANUFACTURING Co., Ltd) is a member of the Buffet Crampon family.

This acquisition consolidates the presence of the Group in China, with its own commercial and marketing team, its own distributor network throughout the country, and two factories (one for the assembly of Prodige clarinets and the other for brass) in Beijing, with a staff of up to 80 people.

After Besson and Antoine Courtois in 2006, B&S in 2012, the acquisition of WIND comes to strengthen the position of the Group on the brass instrument market and as world leader in woodwind instruments. Based on the knowledge of excellence, the Group objective is to develop new student brass instruments of quality in China.

Buffet Crampon, present in China for many years, will continue pursuing its strategy of development.

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