Alfred Music’s chief business development officer, Ron Manus, was the recipient of the 2017 Dorothy Award at the annual Retail Print Music Dealers Association (RPMDA) Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 2016 recipient, Eric Strouse of Stanton’s Music, presented Ron Manus with the award.

The “Dorothy” Award is an extremely prestigious award named for Dorothy Hutchinson, former executive secretary/treasurer and charter member of RPMDA. She epitomized the finest that our industry has to offer, and had in abundance the attributes that print music dealers and publishers all aspire to. Her examples of hard work and high standards make the Dorothy Award RPMDA’s highest honor.

Candidates are nominated by current RPMDA members and the honoree is selected by a committee comprised of past Dorothy winners.

The Award Committee considers the following criteria in selecting the award winner:

•A lifetime of service to friends and family, community, and the print music industry

•Promotion of ethical business standards and policies

•Setting high standards for customer relations and service, as well as dealer/publisher relations

•Personal integrity

•The encouragement and support of music education

•Innovation in business, with a vision for the future

Alex R. Ordoñez, Vice President of Marketing, Alfred Music said, “Ron’s continued passion for the print industry is expressed in everything he does. He believes in our products, educators, and our retailers. He understands challenges and is not afraid to face them head-on while continually providing solutions that strengthen our industry.”

“Ron’s commitment to print music, the dealer network, RPMDA, and Alfred Music are highly admirable,” says Krista Hart, Trade Marketing Manager, Alfred Music. “He has a respect for the history of our industry along with a passion for innovating to meet the current challenges we face.”

Christie Smith, Senior Sales Representative at Alfred Music and Past President, RPMDA added, “Ron has always been so willing to help with anything that is asked of him, and I mean anything! There is no task too small. This year I asked him to help me call all the Atlanta dealers to tell them about RPMDA and personally invite them. He did not hesitate to agree to help. His personal philosophies center around family (in all forms) and helping one another and that is something you feel deeply when you work with him. A big heart with big ideas and a big voice. He has made a difference, and continues to make a difference.”    

“It’s easy to talk about Ron’s commitment to our organization, to our industry, and to music education because the evidence is documented, but I know from personal experience the extent of his warmth and generosity as an individual,” said Danny Smolenski, Senior Sales Representative at Alfred Music and 2016 Don Eubanks Publisher Representative Award winner. “He is a deeply kind and caring person with a true and genuine drive to help others in any and every way he knows how, and that spirit has touched everything he does, influencing and changing things always for the better.”

Ron Manus has dedicated his entire life, along with his family to create one of the most successful print music businesses in the industry. Alfred Music celebrates its 95th anniversary this year, a company that grew under the Manus family for 94 years and continues to flourish. From a young age, Ron began learning this industry from the ground up under the guidance of his parents and other respected leaders in the industry. He has contributed as an author, provided excellent service as a sales representative, led the company as CEO, builds and strengthens relationships as CBDO, and has continuously been a cheerleader to staff and dealers. He regularly makes personal visits to dealers to help them grow their business. Ron’s passion is helping the world to experience the joy of making music and that belief is reflected in the ways he advocates within and beyond the industry. He has served on the NAMM Board of Directors and regularly participates in the NAMM Music Advocacy Fly-In.  

Ron has always been a huge supporter of the RPMDA. He never hesitates to support the association financially and by investing in staff attendance. He has been a speaker, served on panels, visited and called dealers to talk up RPMDA, and written for the newsletter. Two years ago he began a tradition of inviting all of the new attendees for dinner—not as a strictly “Alfred Music” event, but as a welcome on behalf of RPMDA and the print music industry. These are just a few examples of Ron’s willingness to assist and support the organization.

“I am never speechless, but winning the Dorothy Award has come close to achieving the impossible…,” said Ron Manus after receiving the Dorothy. “This award was given to me, but it belongs to Alfred Music and to all of us. I am the person people see at conventions as our ‘brand ambassador,’ but so much of what I do, communicate, and represent, is because of the people of Alfred Music, both present and past.”

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