MMR invites readers to participate in the selection of our 25th Annual Dealers' Choice Awards. Click here to submit your nominations for this year.   

Nominations are open to everyone, but only subscribers to MMR will be able to vote on the final ballot.   

Please make your choices in all product categories that are relevant to your business. Categories include: Product of the Year, Electric Guitar of the Year , Electric Bass of the Year, Acoustic Guitar of the Year Sound, Reinforcement Line of the Year, Amplifier Line of the Year, Microphone Line of the Year Recording Equipment Line of the Year, Band and Orchestra Instrument Line of the Year, Acoustic Piano Line of the Year, Home Digital Keyboard of the Year, Pro Digital Piano Line of the Year DJ Line of the Year, Percussion Line of the Year, Lighting Line of the Year, Print Music Publisher of the Year, Accessory Line of the Year  

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