In response to the weather-related devastation and disruption to music programs in Houston, NEMC has unilaterally suspended billing to all of its customers in the area and is streamlining the process to file Liability Damage Waiver claims to receive replacement instruments for those that may have been lost due to flooding.

“Most of our customers have elected to have their monthly rental automatically debited to their credit card via our Easy Pay program. The last thing these families need is to be charged for an instrument they many not even have any more at a time when they are trying to cover the cost of basic human needs like food, clothing and shelter” says NEMC CEO Ron Beaudoin.

The program will not affect the commission cash flow of the company’s local affiliated dealers in the area whose businesses have also been materially affected. Because NEMC provides full insurance coverage as part of its Easy Rent Authorized Dealer Program, the dealers also won’t take a hit for the tens of thousands of dollars of new rental stock in their stores at the time the storm hit.

“We have every confidence that music making in the area will resume soon and NEMC will play its part. Right now, we just want to give everyone a little breathing room to sort things out,” remarked Beaudoin. 

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