Walrus Audio, an electronics company based in Oklahoma City, announced that as of September 1, Hal Leonard is distributing their line of guitar pedals and accessories to U.S. and Canadian music stores.

The announcement came from Colt Westbrook, president of Walrus Audio, and Brad Smith, VP of MI Products with Hal Leonard.

Walrus Audio was formed in 2011 and has captured the attention of many musicians and recording engineers around the world with their innovative sounds and distinctive pedal artwork. Best known for pedals such as the Julia - Analog Chorus/Vibrato, ARP-87 - Delay, Deep Six – Compressor, and the Janus - Fuzz Tremolo with Joystick, Walrus has quickly become an industry leader in the expansive market of guitar effect pedals.

“With growth comes demands,” said Westbrook. “We knew we had to either hire an internal sales team and acquire more warehouse space, or partner up with a like-minded group that understands our product and is great in executing the dealer service portion of the business. We are excited to start our new phase with Hal Leonard. They have a focused team to dig into our line and present it with the spirit of what we do, and they certainly are big enough to handle any market and dealer demand. We love their 24/7 service and we’re a complementary fit with the other great lines they carry.”

Smith added, “We’ve been looking for this type of product line and now is the right time.
Walrus Audio is a special company and we are thrilled to partner with them They have organically grown from a group of guitar fanatics to making some of the coolest, most inspiring tools for the guitar market. Walrus now has the platform to concentrate on making more products as Hal Leonard handles the sales, marketing, and distribution to our dealer network. We are excited to get these creative tools into the hands of our dealers that love to introduce new products to their customers.”

Retailers interested in Walrus Audio products can call the Hal Leonard E-Z Order Line at

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