Paiste announced that as of January 1, 2018, Hal Leonard will serve as the premier distribution and marketing partner for Paiste instruments and related accessories in the United States.

The announcement came from Erik Paiste, CEO of Paiste, and Brad Smith, VP of MI Products at Hal Leonard.

Paiste, in business for more than a century, specializes in the creation of cymbals, gongs, and other idiophones from various copper alloys. Headquartered in Switzerland, with subsidiaries in Germany and the United States, Paiste boasts an impressive lineup of endorsement artists, including Patrick Carney, Nick Mason, Larry Mullen Jr., and Alex Van Halen.

Long known as the world’s largest publisher of music education materials, songbooks, and sheet music, Hal Leonard is now also a leading distributor of musical instruments with a diverse lineup of products. Hal Leonard-distributed brands include Gretsch drum sets, Gibraltar hardware, Tycoon Percussion, and many others.

Paiste says, “We are very pleased to enter into a partnership with Hal Leonard, a company with traditions and values similar to ours. A mutual desire for collaboration in building brand strength quickly became apparent. The resulting marketing-oriented spirit clearly transcends a mere distribution relationship.”

Smith added, “Hal Leonard is thrilled to be working with Paiste. Our sales and fulfillment team are ready to offer these world-class drum instruments. We also now have options to bundle cymbals with our complimentary drum lines like Gretsch, Gibraltar, and Vater allowing us to provide complete solutions that will support our dealers and their customers.”

Retailers interested in stocking Paiste instruments can call the Hal Leonard E-Z Order Line at (800) 554-0626.

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