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After 42 dedicated years at Korg USA, Allan Pearlman, district sales manager for the Northeast region, has retired.

Pearlman’s long-lasting legacy started with his father, Ben Pearlman, who worked as a sales rep for Unicord, the predecessor of Korg USA today. After becoming a history teacher, Pearlman realized his undeniable passion for the Music Industry and followed in his father’s footsteps by joining the company.

“It’s with great pleasure to congratulate and thank Allan for being a long and cherished member of the Korg family,” says Joe Castronovo, CEO of Korg USA. “Allan has dedicated 42 years selling and representing Korg to our Northeast dealers.  He has continually achieved his sales goals, established meaningful dealer relationships and assisted in bringing on the current brands we carry. We are so grateful and honored to be colleagues and friends of Allan’s; a truly great professional and an even better person,” Castronovo concludes. 

Pearlman was responsible for some of the closest retail relationships at Korg USA including that of Sam Ash, Main Drag Music, and many other notable dealers in the region. He was present for the 1988 launch of the M1; Korg’s break-through workstation that earned them a high rank in the synthesizer market. An avid skier and world-traveler, Pearlman will spend his retirement spending time with his wife, his two daughters, and passing down his legacy, which will surely live on.

“I will truly miss working for this company”, Pearlman states. “I will never, ever forget how wonderful this company has been to me, and I will never, ever forget the great people that I’ve worked with. Retiring is rather bittersweet, but I know that the time is right for me to make this move, and I am certain that Kyle Taylor will do a terrific job when he takes over where I have left off,” Pearlman says.

Kyle Taylor, former DSM for the Northwest territory will re-locate to New York starting July 10th as the new sales rep for the Northeast.

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