Debt Troubles Reported for Gibson, Juszkiewicz Responds

It has recently been reported by many that Gibson Brands, Inc. - parent company of Gibson Guitars - is facing an uncertain future due to serious debt-related and operational concerns. The company has issued a statement regarding their financial situation and, further, MMR spoke with Gibson Chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz on the afternoon of February 20.


GHS Strings has named entertainment industry veteran, Alexx Calise as their new assistant of social media, marketing and A&R.

As a GHS endorsing artist for the past 12 years, Calise is already well acquainted with the Battle Creek-based string company. She brings a wealth of experience not only as an accomplished musician and entertainer, but also as a small business owner, former entertainment columnist, promotions manager, and brand ambassador.

As an independent musician, Calise’s music has been featured on a variety of TV shows such as Dance Moms, One Tree Hill, Grimm, The Voice and more. She has been profiled in Wall Street Journal, Guitar Player, Guitar World, and other publications. Calise also has an extensive background in music licensing, publishing, and copyright, and is in the works to start her own full service music agency.

Alternatively, her Southern California-based children’s party company has put on celebrity events for Chris Brown, Reese Witherspoon and Christina Aguilera, and it has been profiled on TV shows such as Ellen and David Tutera’s Celebrations.

Calise has many interesting and diverse plans that she looks forward to implementing for GHS and their roster of talented artists in 2018.

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