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Located near Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, Stout has been a post-game and post-work staple for Midtown New Yorkers for over a decade. Recently, NYC’s Starview Satellite replaced the three floor venue’s old amplifiers with the Ashly nX-Series multi-channel amps.

“In terms of power density, nothing can beat Ashly’s well-engineered amplifiers,” said Rich Trombitas, regional sales & product manager with A/V manufacturers rep firm Cardone, Solomon & Associates (CS&A). Trombitas recommended the Ashly amplifiers and assisted Starview Satellite with the design and logistics. He continued, “Moreover, Ashly’s nX-series multi-mode amplifiers are especially flexible in terms of output loads – they can run 70V and low-impedance loudspeakers from the same unit, as they do at Stout – and they’re incredibly efficient and energy-saving. The old amps at Stout were on pretty much 24/7, grinding away at full idle current, even when the place was closed. In contrast, the Ashly nX-Series amplifiers have an energy-efficient ‘sleep mode’ that they fall into when no input is detected.”

Five Ashly nX 1.52 dual-channel amplifiers deliver 1500W per channel and two Ashly nX 8004 four-channel 800W amplifiers now power Stout’s extensively distributed array of existing loudspeakers and subwoofers. Zones include 70V under-balcony areas, the area near the entrance, the upstairs balcony dining area, bathrooms, and hallways. In addition, fourteen mid-high boxes and two dual twelve-inch subwoofers fill the main seating areas with full-range sound.

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