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D'Addario Woodwinds is adding sampler packs to their premium lines of Reserve and Select Jazz Reeds.

Now the best-selling reeds that are ideal for students, teachers, and professionals are available in 16 total sampler pack options (8 for Reserve, 8 for Select Jazz) in order for musicians to try a spectrum of options while finding their sound without breaking their budgets.

“One of the challenges for players using competing brands is honing in on specific reed strengths even once they find a brand they feel might work well for them. This is due largely to the lack of consistency between reeds in those offerings,” D’Addario Woodwinds product manager Chris Scialfa explains. “As a result, many students and professionals settle for a strength that may or may not be what is indicated on the box. So rather than create a multiple brand sampler commonly found in today’s market, the D’Addario Reserve and Select Jazz Sampler Packs are uniquely designed to include various strengths within the same brand, so players can narrow their preference to the same tight tolerances that we hold ourselves to.”

The D’Addario Woodwinds Reed Sampler Packs are the most efficient way for players to find their desired sound, and to reduce the need to purchase a full box of reeds while experimenting with different brands. This reed sampler pack debut will begin with the premium brands Reserve and Select Jazz to provide the most economical way for players of all levels to find their desired sound.

The Select Jazz Reed Sampler Packs include 2 filed reeds and 2 unfiled reeds of 2 neighboring strengths (ie, 3 Soft and 3 Medium).

The Reserve Clarinet Reed Sampler Packs include 2 Reserve reeds and 2 Reserve Classic reeds with 2 different neighboring strengths.

The Reserve Saxophone Reed Sampler Packs include 4 Reserve reeds with 3 different neighboring strengths.

All reed sampler packs will be available April 17.

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