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Trumpeter David Perrico has introduced his new Las Vegas signature trumpet and flugelhorn from Phaeton. Perrico demonstrated the range and power of his signature horn on April 15 at a product presentation at Family Music Center in Las Vegas.

Joined by his jazz combo, the Pop Strings Orchestra, as well as sales representative Pat Emmett, Perrico was able to show off his new trumpet from Phaeton horns.

 “It took a lot of work with the factory. They had to bring in new materials, train new people on how to make the horns; it was at least a year-long process. From the time Dave signed off on the design, it was at least 12 months before the trumpet could actually be produced,” Emmett said.

The process for making the new horn started when Perrico came to Phaeton president Pete LaPlaca with the concept of a “commercial style” advanced trumpet design. Named the Las Vegas series, the PHT-LV 1200 trumpet and the PHTF-LV 2900 flugelhorn debuted last year at NAMM. The models boast a unique conical large bore design ranging from .460 to .470, solid bracing, short-throw pistons, and a rose brass alloy.

“It was designed to meet the demands of the commercial trumpet player in the sense that as a trumpet player, you are in many different performance settings within the Las Vegas entertainment venues,” explained Perrico. “The horn is designed to excel in the typical performance environments unique to Las Vegas.... big stages, huge concert halls, high volume showrooms, lounges, ballrooms, outdoor venues etc.”

The retail price for the Phaeton Las Vegas Trumpet is $3,250, which includes a complimentary all-leather gig bag.

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