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This year, 160,000 fans gathered at the 2017 Pa’l Norte Festival to see artists like The Killers, Placebo, MIA, The Offspring, Kaskade, Maná, Jason Derulo, and Enanitos Verdes, who were all illuminated by a Maverick MK2 Washes from CHAUVET Professional.

Serpro Producciones supplied the RGBW LED moving wash fixtures and flew them in on a truss that descended in height from downstage to upstage. Ten rows on either side of the center configuration held four MK2 Washes each. In addition, Mavericks positioned on the higher downstage truss were used to light the apron of the stage and for audience lighting.

Because of their intense output (up to 19,000 lux at 5 meters), the Mavericks worked well to light up the stage, even in the bright sunlight, and their wide 7° to 49° zoom range allowed each artist to adjust coverage.

 "The activities program starts at the mid-afternoon, when the sun still shines brightly,” said Edi Sosa, Llghting manager at Serpro Producciones. “This is a great challenge for a lighting designer. To help them meet that challenge, we needed to have lighting that stood out under bright conditions.  The Maverick MK2 Wash had no problem with brightness at any time, whether they were used to wash the entire stage or highlight an individual artist."

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