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ChamSys consoles played a major role at the 2017 edition of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm.

“We had some good things going on at Glastonbury this year,” said James Harrison, support manager at ChamSys. With software engineer James Crickmere and personality/support specialist Dan Coombs, Harrison represented the company at the five-day event. “There were a wide variety of our products at the festival, used in a wide range of different applications – and I’m pleased to report that everyone we spoke to was extremely happy with their performance.”

A MagicQ MQ500 Stadium was used as the house console and could be used by all touring LDs on the Other Stage, while another MQ500 served as the console on the Bloc 9 Genosys structure.

“Jason Hyne, LD for the Kaiser Chiefs, usually uses his own MQ80, but he worked with the MQ500 console on the Other Stage and was very happy,” said Harrison. 

The Park Stage also used a MagicQ MQ500 Stadium as the house console.

“The two HD resolution multi touch displays on the MQ500 were great for setting up layouts,” said Steve “Mac” McCracken from South West Group.  “You’ve got plenty of real estate to have everything at your fingertips without having to change between multiple layouts.”

EDM artists at the Silver Hayes WOW Stage were able to use the MagicQ MQ80, and the MagicQ MQ200 Pro2014 was deployed at the Avalon Stage.  Many other visiting LDs brought their own ChamSys consoles to Glastonbury.

“A five-day festival calls for versatility, performance and reliability on the part of a house console,” Harrison said. “The MagicQ Stadium MQ500 showed that it was more than up to the task at Glastonbury.” 

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