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Daisy Rock Guitars president and founder, Tish Ciravolo, has rebutted a statement made in a VICE article regarding musician St. Vincent being named the "first woman ever to create her own electric guitar for the mass market." 

Ciravolo has come forward and made note that she has been designing guitars for the mass market since she founded the company in 2000.

The company has also has released several signature models designed by female players.

“The Bangles designed and released their own signature Daisy Rock guitar in 2008,” Ciravolo said.” In addition, Daisy Rock Guitars and Wanda Jackson designed the Wanda Jackson Signature Wildwood Acoustic Guitar in 2005, and Daisy Rock Guitars and Annie Clements designed the Sugarland Bass in 2011. 

“There are literally hundreds of female artists that we have worked with in designing their own signature guitars, some for mass market sales, and some just because they love what Daisy Rock does and stands for. St. Vincent, as the author claims, is not the first woman to create a guitar with her name on it for the mass market” added Ciravolo. “I wish VICE and Mary Choi would have done their research. Had they done so, they would have uncovered all the great women who were pioneers in encouraging other women and young girls to play guitar, in conjunction with my company.” 

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