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Last month, Rovner launched their new Rovner Ambassadors page on their website to introduce visitors to some of the artists who are dedicated to music and to Rovner ligatures.

Rovner vice president Lynn Reeder said that this program was developed to “to transform what might under other circumstances be a simply mercantile relationship into a richer, more personal one.”

Rovner has also launched the “Be Good, Do Good, Feel Good” project in conjunction with the new ambassadors page.

 “The ‘Be Good’ part of the project is represented by the many exceptionally talented and accomplished players out there who, simply by using our products are already what I call, ‘ambassadors by example.’ The ‘Do Good’ happens when, upon acceptance of our invitation to be an official Ambassador, we also give each artist the opportunity to choose a musical organization they care about…charity, scholarship fund, school or whatever they like…and we send a donation to that organization on their behalf. The ‘Feel Good’ naturally follows, as the Rovner Ambassador relationship extends to benefit the musical community at large,” Reeder explained.

In this way, the Rovner Ambassadors program benefits not only Rovner and the ambassasdors, but also many organizations like the Silkroad Project, the JEN Scholarship Fund and the Arquetopia Foundation.

“This was a major project that has been a long time coming, but it has quickly become one of the most enjoyable parts of my job,” Reeder said. 

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