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Yamaha and Yamaha artist Vanessa Carlton teamed up this month in an effort to replace a piano that was damaged by flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

Carlton recently said in a CNN interview that she cried when she saw a viral video of Houston evacuee Aric Harding, who returned to his flooded home to retrieve stuffed animals and games for his seven children in the video. While in the house, he found his family’s Yamaha piano knee-deep in water.

Carlton sent a tweet to CNN saying, “This story is so important. Is there a way I can get his contact info? I'd like to get him a replacement piano if this one doesn't make it.” 

CNN then introduced Carlton to Harding, and Carlton announced that Yamaha had agreed to replace the piano for Harding's family.  

“We were all very touched by Aric’s video, and when I spoke with him on the phone, I told him that Yamaha is very happy to replace his piano,” said Tom Sumner, senior vice president, Yamaha Corporation of America. 

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