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The Estrel Festival Center in Berlin recently added 18 Rogue R2 Wash and 10 COLORado 1 Quad Zoom fixtures from CHAUVET Professional to the venue to improve their "Stars in Concert" series of shows. All of the fixtures from CHAUVET were supplied by Fischer. 

The Rogue and COLORado fixtures were positioned on trussing above and to the sides of the stage, adding a full spectrum of wash lighting to complement the existing rig.  

The Rogue fixtures now provide wash lighting across the 15-meter-wide elevated stage area, and the COLORado fixtures provide  visual accentuation to paint the gaps with concentrated brushes of light. 

“The saturated wash colors of the Rogue R2 wash fixtures provide the perfect accompaniment to the Estrel stage,” said Sascha Pernau of Fischer.  

In addition, the Rogues feature 19 (15 W) pixel mappable RGBW quad-LEDs and a 12° to 49° zoom feature, which allows the fixtures to blanket the stage in color and add more depth to the stage.  

“The zoom feature provides a further visual addition to the stage,” Pernau added. “In combining the zoom with the strong RGBW color palette of the fixtures, the Estrel now has the tools to present the various acts in numerous creative ways.” 

Another important feature of the COLORado fixtures is their compact size, which allowed them to fit into small gaps and go unnoticed.  

“The COLORado fixtures are an essential part of the Estrel rig,” said Pernau. “They highlight otherwise dark areas on the stage, and provide excellent wash effects. Given the limited amount of trussing space available, the COLORados presented the perfect size-performance ratio."  

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