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Universal Percussion has announced that there will be some adjustments with the company's prices due to changes with the UPS and FedEx billing systems. These changes will be effective as of October 2017.  

"Where they used to bill strictly on the basis of box weight, they’re now billing based on the dimensions of the box. As a result, many of our products now come in at a higher landed cost," the company said in a recent statement.  "This situation has forced us to make some minor adjustments in our pricing and ordering terms, to keep up with our changing market. Please note the following changes that will become in October." 

The company has noted that some of their house brands will go up about four percent in price, with more information on the changes to come soon. Another change is that some of the discounts on small-quantity orders will have minor price adjustments, but dealers who continue to place single orders totaling $500 or $1,000 will receive special freight and discount considerations.  

In addition, orders of $500 to $999 shipped to one location will receive 50 percent off the shipping cost and orders of $1,000 or more shipped to one location will receive free shipping. Everything on the company's printed fliers, website, and catalog will qualify, except for close-outs, inventory reduction sales, and special off-the-page pricing.  

"We are happy to have been able to keep our Wuhan prices at a four percent increase. Both U.P. and our Wuhan partner are absorbing part of the high cost of raw material (copper and tin) to give our dealers our best pricing," they added. "There will be some discount changes on Wuhan gong stands and accessories." 

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