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Genelec recently hosted a special event on August 24 at Westlake Pro in North Hollywood, featuring a talk from GRAMMY Award-winning producer and engineer Josh Wilbur.

Wilbur discussed his mixing techniques and demonstrated Genelec’s new “The Ones” series of compact coaxial active monitors. 

The event was presented in association with Westlake Pro and was livestreamed online worldwide.   

Both Steffenee Copley and Paul Stewart, Genelec employees, gave a teaser for the demo of The Ones and then introduced Wilbur. At the event, Wilbur shared his workflows, processes and career highlights, and also explained some insights into his mixing techniques and why he chooses Genelec monitors.

For the demonstration portion, Wilbur deconstructed his mix on a few tracks using Genelec’s The Ones and Genelec 1234 Smart Active Monitors.  He then answered questions from both the crowd and people watching via the livestream. 

“It was a fun night listening and talking about music," said Wilbur. "Genelec speakers provided a highly accurate and pleasant listening environment. When I think back on my career, I’ve been lucky to get work across many genres; the only consistent thing, in a way, has been Genelecs, which always make my listening environment so much better.”

In addition, all visitors were entered in a drawing to win a pair of Genelec 8010A Studio Monitors. 

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