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Paul Hatt's sound hire and production company, CS Audio, has been supporting the artist Björk using KLANG:technologies'  3D personal monitor mixing system for her string section at headline festival shows in Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Japan. 

“This time, the KLANG was connected via the MADI on the DiGiCo SD8 console—quick and easy to set up, and we were up and running in no time without any issues,” said Hatt. “I sent groups of each string section, playback mixes, click, vocal and, of course, themselves to allow each musician to quickly achieve what they needed to hear. The KLANG outputs fed a Shure hard-wired IEM mounted on each music stand, along with a tablet for the wireless control. The response from the musicians has been positive wherever we go—it’s a really useful product and delivers a great solution for wireless personal mix control. The 3D processing is pretty amazing. It does what it says, and works! Finding additional placement within an in-ear mix can really tidy things up and enhance the experience.”

KLANG:technologies’ UK distributor, HD Pro Audio, supplied the system to CS Audio. 

“We’ve been so impressed with the KLANG system that we invested in the KLANG:fabrik with MADI, which, in addition to our own use, is available for hire. With HD Pro Audio, I also get great backup and technical support,” concluded Hatt. “I’m looking forward using the KLANG system on many future projects.”

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