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BAE Audio has announced that its president Mark Loughman will participate in a panel at the 9th annual Welcome to 1979 Recording Summit in Nashville, Tennessee.

The panel is entitled “Inside The World’s Most Famous EQs” and will discuss a range of classic vintage equalizers.

Loughman will joined by Jeff Steiger of Classis Audio Products, EveAnna Manley of Manley Labs, and Bill Skibbe of Key Club Recording Company.

“I’m always eager to delve into the finer points of these great EQs that have been featured on just about every record you’ve ever heard,” said Loughman. “They’re truly remarkable feats of design and engineering, and BAE Audio’s success is a testament to how coveted these over forty-year-old designs remain. They really came to define the sound of recorded music as we know it.”

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