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A new 50 watt version of PRS Guitars' Archon Amplifier maintains the original 100-watt version's lush gain and unique clean channel. With 50 watts (switchable to 25), the Archon 50 breaks up at a lower volume, resulting in a more classically driven tone than its predecessor. The added option of 6L6 or EL34 power tubes allows players to further personalize the tone and feel of the Archon 50/25. Now offered as a head or a 1x12 combo.

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Supplier Scene

Corner Entertainment is a recently-opened entertainment constellation located in Houston, Texas. It features a restaurant (Corner Table) a bar/nightclub (The Oak Bar), and a second wine and mixed drinks bar (1919). Though distinctly named, the three concepts flow together, both physically and in the vibe that unites them. That vibe is perhaps best described as high-class, but relaxed.

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For Hughes & Kettner's 30th Anniversary, the company is producing a Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Series of its groundbreaking TubeMeister range. The amps – which are set to be available as TubeMeister 18 Head and TubeMeister 36 Head models – all feature Soviet “New Old Stock” EL84 power tubes that were built long before Hughes & Kettner was founded.

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Pro audio brand Aphex® recently announced that it has moved the company to Salt Lake City, in order to increase operational efficiencies by being closer to parent company DWV Entertainment and the core Aphex creative and engineering teams. The move, completed in September, includes opening a new Aphex warehouse in Utah to complement existing manufacturing and shipping facilities in California. 

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Supplier Scene

Larry Fishman founder and President of Fishman, designer and manufacturer of pickups, amplification and other products for acoustic and electric musicians, was recently invited to speak to Apple designers, engineers and product managers.

Fishman delivered a presentation entitled “Inspiring Tools for Musicians: A Confluence of Engineering and Art” to a standing-room only audience. Not surprisingly, almost all in attendance raised their hand when asked by Mr. Fishman, “How many of you are engineers?” When asked the second question, “How many of you are musicians?” an equal number responded.

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The DK2M Pro Series Dinky features an alder body, flat-sawn graphite-reinforced bolt-on maple neck with wrap-around heel, 24-fret compound radius (12"-16") maple fingerboard with offset black dot inlays, black neck and headstock binding, direct mount Seymour Duncan® JB Zebra (bridge) and '59 Zebra (neck) humbucking pickups with five-way blade switching, Floyd Rose® bridge, black hardware and Dunlop® strap locks. Limited run in "Slime Green Swirl."

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What the Pros Play

MMR caught up with Satch just prior to his recent South American tour to get the 411 on his latest gear.

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Last Word

Marshall McLuhan’s famous dictum, “The medium is the message,” rings as true for retail as it does for media. While the Internet-era nostrum that “content is king” remains plenty valid, the package that content comes in has proven at least tantamount in value. Transpose “inventory” for “content” and we’re talking about store design. At a time when shopping has become an “experience” instead of simply a gerund, the store has to become a destination rather than a mere repository of stuff.

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Upfront Q&A

A global leader in the design and manufacture of music stands and accessories, Germany’s König & Meyer – most commonly referred to simply as “K&M” – has been celebrating its 65th year in 2014. Distinguished by pioneering designs which both respond to and anticipate emerging technologies within the market and the needs of end-users, the organization is also widely respected for its early (and continued) dedication to environmentally sound, “green” practices.

MMR recently spoke with CEO Gabriela König and Dave Trout, U.S. brand manager with K&M’s stateside distributor Connolly Music, to get the scoop on how the company is marking the anniversary and what’s in store for the future.

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Veteran Voices

New business is falling out of the sky. All you have to do is accept the great margin and write up the deal. Well maybe it wasn’t quite that easy back in the day, but staying on top of the latest buying trends and consumer preferences can go a long way in sustained growth for your business now.

The global economy is experiencing minimal growth in 2014 as we see challenges from the lingering global recession, weaker than expected growth from emerging markets, and escalating geo-political tensions. When you add the major shift and increasing prominence of Internet purchasing, one has to see that the competitive waters are still rather choppy.

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