Dealer's Choice Awards

Dealer's Choice Awards

The 2016 Dealers’ Choice Awards (DCA) process represents “year two” of a far more comprehensive approach, resulting in enhanced participation and verifiability.

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Dealer's Choice Awards

The 2015 Dealers’ Choice Awards saw a comprehensive overhaul of the entire nomination and voting process. Safeguards are now in place to ensure against “ballot stuffing” (multiple votes from the same parties) and the early nomination procedure allows for more reader input at a much earlier stage.

A happy byproduct of the new system was that 2015 saw the highest level of participation – by FAR – in the entire history of the Dealer’s Choice Awards, leading to the most meaningful and verifiable balloting ever. This also marks the first year of the MMR Legacy Awards, bestowed upon products, which have won in their respective categories for multiple years, and now both recognized for their achievement and retired from consideration.

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Dealer's Choice Awards

The 2014 Dealers’ Choice Awards again brought together hundreds of enthusiastic music products dealers to nominate the lines that made this year a success.  This winning slate of instrument, sound, lighting and other categories, was provided by over 800 votes from dealers eager to promote their best-performing favorites.

Yamaha again returns as the “Product of the Year” category winner with its much-loved Disklavier Piano, a clear favorite among voting dealers in 2014. Many familiar companies are again represented this year, as dealers made their voice clear about the lines that rocked the year, and rang the register.

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Dealer's Choice Awards

As the Dealers’ Choice Awards enter their third decade, we see amongst the 2013 winners some familiar faces, some newcomers, and the return of champions from years past.

While 2012 seemed to possibly be ushering in a new era, as Yamaha’s AvantGrand was the top vote-getter in the “Product of the Year” category after first ending the previous winner’s ten-year streak, 2013 sees that previous instrument reclaim the distinction. 

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