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 “Puff pieces” (or, as a close friend and editor at a popular entertainment/lifestyle magazine pegs them, “works of shameless ass-kissery”) are articles wherein the subject – be it person, place, or thing – is treated to exuberant praise, un-diminished by any true, critical examination.

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Back in April of 2013, MMR took a fairly in-depth look at the then-burgeoning field of mini/micro – or “lunchbox” – guitar amplifier heads that had become quite the rage over the previous few years.

Read more: Small is the New Big – Micro-amplifiers and ‘Lunchbox’ Heads Continue to Gain in the Marketplace

The Good Fight

As the headline indicates, we’ve been counting down the days until The 2016 NAMM Show.

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Unlike most – many, really – of our dealer surveys which exhibit quite a bit of parity, this month’s poll found a lot of similar responses coming from all over the country, and even the world.

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2016 marks four decades of EMG, Inc., innovative designers and producers of pickups, EQ accessories – and more! (read on) – that have been embraced by players across a number of styles.

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Special Report

As a component of our annual review of the past year, MMR contacted some of our friends in print music publication to learn what titles were the biggest sellers in 2015.

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Last Word

Congress left the music education world a last-minute Christmas present when on December 9 it ratified the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Read more: Sometimes Big Government is a Good Thing


We all know the saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and you’d be hard pressed to find a more applicable example than Steve West.

Read more: Steve West – Fighting the Good Fight


It looks as if 2016 will be the year of the Spector Bass.

Read more: All About That Bass, ‘Bout That (Spector) Bass


When you walked into Bill’s Music in the 1960s, one of the first things you’d see is owner, Bill Higgins, greeting you.

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