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“Our members deserve all the credit for creating such an incredible show,” says NAMM president and CEO Joe Lamond. “It’s their innovative products and displays, the lifelong friendships and business relationships, and dedication to drive business forward that results in those only-at-NAMM opportunities.”

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MMR checks in with representatives from five major players in the design and production of high-end drum sets to learn about trends in that market segment, technical innovations, and the strategies of successful dealers who do particularly well with these instruments…

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While some of our MI retailer surveys can provide a somewhat mixed-bag in terms of results, this month’s poll points to a generally clear direction for the Artist Series drumstick market segment: Down.

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Progressive Music, a 25-year and million-plus lessons operation, started in a broom closet.

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On February 22 and 23, there’s going to be a party in Titusville, Florida: Warb-a-palooza!

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Small Business Matters

It finally happened.

I actually met someone who has the exact formula needed for making any customer trust that the sales person has the customer’s best interest in mind.

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Current Issue

As a 13-year-old guitarist in the ‘60s, I would often visit my local MI dealer. The policy of the store was: “You can look at the guitars, but no touching unless your parents are with you.” Needless to say, this was not a very engaging customer experience. A lot has changed… or has it?

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Many MMR readers recently returned from the annual NAMM Show in Anaheim (see our Show Report on page 26).

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Last Word

Retailers are watching how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act bills that worked their way though the Senate and the House of Representatives late last year will ultimately turn out.

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