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The imperative to go green has increased steadily among musical instrument manufacturers over the years, and one area in which this the impact is certainly being felt is the realm of guitars.

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The synth market in 2018 is an interesting segment. You’ve got old-school purists embracing (or re-embracing) analog modules that broke the scene in the first place, older semi-pros and pros who appreciate the power and versatility of today’s tech, and then younger users who see upside in the lower-priced yet feature-rich models out there.

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In 2018, many musicians and retailers have complex feelings about guitar sales and their relevance in today’s market, while ukuleles continue to have an epic moment and are surging in popularity. So where do mandolins fit into the equation?

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It’s not easy to get musicians to try new types of instruments. Axes like the Chapman Stick remain the purview of a small cohort of intensely left-brain esthetes, while true musical oddballs like the Harpejji or the Eigenharp are almost museum pieces.

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For every instance of going green and slapping an eco-friendly sticker on a product, there’s a product that makes the change far less obvious.

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Andy Powers’ contributions to Taylor Guitars have varied over the years, but for his most recent innovation – this time around, the invention of V-Class bracing for flat-top acoustic guitars – came from an unlikely source: Powers’ West Coast penchant for catching a wave.

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You’re probably tired of hearing retail gurus tell you the importance of customer experience, especially if you’re a brick and mortar store trying to find your competitive edge against the box pushers.

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How many people in your band? Five – four musicians and a drummer. How do you get a drummer off of your porch? Pay him 10 bucks for the pizza. What do you say to a drummer in a three-piece suit? “Will the defendant please rise?”

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The Daily ‘News’ Cycle

Every day we are bombarded with news stories. Add to that social media splatter chatter, and it’s hard to stay focused on which stories could really affect us.

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In mid-March, NPR reported that the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has stricken “climate change” and related terminology from its strategic plan – this after one of the (perhaps the) most costly years of natural disasters in our nation’s history.

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