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As home to world-renowned institutions of higher learning (M.I.T., Harvard, and Tufts, among many others), a number of storied music schools (Berklee College of Music, New England Conservatory), and ground-zero for a vibrant music scene stretching back literally centuries (Boston Symphony Orchestra, Aerosmith, James Taylor, New Edition, Dropkick Murphys, et cetera), it’s not particularly surprising that some of the biggest names in MI supply and retail set up camp in Greater Boston. 

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Carlton Music is on the cusp on a major milestone.

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Like most good stories, the origins of Hauer Music started with some sort of a timely coincidence.

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Saying that you’re an advocate of music education and actually being an advocate are two entirely different things, but for Progressive Music, walking the walk has never been an issue in their 70-year history.

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I’ve got something Donald Trump may never enjoy: vindication.

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Live music was worth $9.3 billion in 2015, and it’s expected to continue to be the music industry’s chief revenue generator going forward, reaching nearly $11.7 billion in 2020, according to PwC.

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Small Business Matters

After my manager Jerry Hammack and I had several discussions about particularly odd behaviors we saw from some of our “loyal” customers, Jerry suggested implementing a “CMC rescue mission.”

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50 years ago, the Yamaha Corporation began manufacturing acoustic drums and quickly became a major player in the category.

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So let’s start with the “bad news”: only 30 percent of the participants in this month’s dealer survey – sent out to over 500 MI retailers across the globe – reported that guitar & bass amplifier sales are up, compared to last year, while nearly 43 percent are observing a downwards trend.

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“Competing with the big box stores hasn’t been as challenging as it sounds.”

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