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This past summer, one of the most significant names in music publishing, Alfred Music, was acquired by Boulder, Colorado-based Peaksware, parent company of MakeMusic, among others. MMR recently had the opportunity to speak with company CEO, Gear Fisher, about the recent developments, what it all means for the future of Alfred Music, and where he sees Peaksware going in the coming months and years.

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The results from this survey – particularly the individual comments – display a disparity of opinion unlike any MMR dealer poll so far this year. For piano & keyboard retailers, perceptions of the state of the market are very much driven by geographic location; regional economic and education-level factors in greatly, which is not terribly surprising, given that many of the instruments in this category are very much “high end” purchases.

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Haken Continuum

The 12-note musical keyboard has remained largely unchanged since the 14th century. Arguably this is because they got it right the first time. Even today it fits the needs of most keyboard customers who walk into a music store: They’re looking for a piano to learn on, a do-it-all synth for their weekend cover band, or a note-entry device for computer music-making.

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Last Word

There has been much fretting published about what the world will look like when it’s run – as it inevitably will be – by members of the Millennial generation. The reality is that it will likely look pretty much the way it does now – maybe a little better, maybe a little worse. And that includes the MI retail universe.

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Small Business Matters

Menzie PittmanThis year I celebrate my 27th year as a music retailer, and I believe it’s fair to say a lot of unexpected events have happened in that time period. The fallout and aftermath from unexpected events, whether they are good or bad, can wreak havoc on your business. How we deal with and digest those events becomes almost as important as the events themselves. I thought it might be interesting to take a look at the way we react to unexpected situations and the way they affect us.

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Time was, nearly every family had – or aimed to have – a piano in the living-room. Upright, baby grand, or grand – it didn’t matter, so long as there was a keyboard that the adults could play for sing- alongs during dinner parties and holiday gatherings, and which the kids could practice their weekly piano lessons on.

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Every spring for the past few years, MMR has been profiling folks in MI – on both the retail and supply sides of the equation – who are embracing and advancing “green” initiatives and developing technologies. It’s a feel-good, “fluff” type of story, in some respects, sure, but also shines a light on a truly important issue. Whatever your own personal politics, you can’t consider it a “bad” thing when companies and individuals find ways to not pollute the air or water, or contribute to destruction of the ozone layer, et cetera. Right?

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Current Issue

 L to R: Brad Zell online marketing manager at QSC Audio, Chris Halon VP of Marketing at Roland US, Ray Van Straten VP at QSC Audio, Jay Wanamaker president and CEO of Roland US, Brian Alli VP of sales at Roland US, and Bob Lee director of product marketing at Ustream.

On September 9 Roland hosted, “The Future. Redefined. – Unleash Your Creativity.” The unique live streaming launch event debuted 30 new products, including new synthesizers, digital pianos, electronic drums, DJ equipment, BOSS guitar related products, accordions, and a digital wind instrument.

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