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Fender’s Maverick Spirit Endures with the Launch of the American Professional Series

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Custom­Shop Guitars Continue to Offer Dealers and Consumers Unique Opportunities

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Last Word

Charles Foster Kane, the protagonist of the single best American film ever made, “Citizen Kane,” left us with one cryptic word that, if parsed correctly, would completely explain him: “Rosebud.” Just as the NAMM Show was getting under way in Anaheim this year, MI retailers, manufacturers, and customers encountered a similar, and similarly Rosetta Stone­like word: “Rosewood,” the intersection of the next generation of regulation and conservation.

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Small Business Matters

Four Observations on How to Adapt to Change

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A guitar manufacturer finds success targeting a niche market.

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While the overall tally wasn’t as clear­cut as some recent MMR dealer surveys have been when it comes to shedding light on the overall “health” of a particular market segment, this month’s poll regarding guitar and bass effects pedals did indicate an overall positive assessment: more than 68 percent of participating retailers indicated that sales of these stompboxes are currently either level with or exceeding numbers from this same time in 2016.

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‘The Original Boutique Electric Guitar Custom Shop’ is Back!

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While even the most strident supporters of funding for music education would likely agree that the subject takes a back­ seat to far more immediately pressing national and international concerns, it’s nonetheless one of many initiatives that potentially faces threats of various scope and severity under our nation’s new presidential administration.

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