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Current Issue

With Summer NAMM disappearing farther and farther away in your rearview, it’s time to look into stocking up on the products you might have missed out on earlier in the year. As retailers, you’re in the midst of back to school season, but as any MI dealer knows, the time to gear up for the holidays is now.

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With over 80 percent of respondents in this month’s dealer survey reporting that between 16-50 percent of their annual sales take place during the holiday season, you’d be hard pressed to characterize this time of year as being “unimportant.”

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Last Word

Music has been in the news a lot lately, often for all the wrong reasons. Working backwards through the year, we’re still not really over the massacre in dance club in Orlando. That came less than a week after vocalist Christina Grimmie was shot and killed in the same Florida city. Orlando certainly doesn’t have a lock on this kind of violence – the Seattle Times estimates that Americans now experience more than one mass shooting a day on average.

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Small Business Matters

In Part II of Tracy Leenman’s guide to achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction, we pick up with “point 2” of her outline...

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Drawing upon country, Appalachian, Irish, Scottish, and jazz influences, Bluegrass music represents a “big tent,” as they say. As deeply steeped in improvisation as jazz, but with a more “down home” and relatable aesthetic, the form of music has seen a resurgence in interest and has carved out a notable home in today’s pop culture.

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Current Issue

Clint Strait, vice president and third generation owner of Strait Music, explains how Baldwin Pianos, The Beatles, and best buddies were elemental in the evolution of his grandfathers’ humble piano and organ franchise to what is today Austin’s only full-line music store.

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Upfront Q&A

A storied name in the design and craft of high quality and aesthetically refined pianos, Bösendorfer has been setting the standard for excellence since 1828. Innovative build techniques and meticulous attention to detail have made Bösendorfer pianos the instruments of choice for everyone from Liszt to Oscar Peterson and Stephen Schwartz.

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In the Trenches

Garrett Sapp with his new Conn-Selmer clarinet.

There's no substitute for dedicated customer service.

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I can state with some authority (as much as helming MMR for a decade or so affords, anyway) that it is absolutely not news that Internet sales present a very real threat to traditional, brick-and-mortar MI retailers. Furthermore – and somewhat... surprisingly(?) – I can attest that, even though that reality has been established for well over a decade, many musical instrument dealers continue to bemoan the facts of their online competition as if the whole phenomenon is some ephemeral bully that can hopefully be banished by complaining loudly enough.

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