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In Part I of this article, we looked at simple personal monitor mixing systems (PMMs for short) that let musicians hear themselves better. Now, we’ll examine the plethora of modular, networkable, multi-component solutions that can handle large groups and venues but still place monitor mixing under the control of individual musicians.

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Heavy metal. Artists within the genre – and of it’s slightly more respected sibling, “hard rock” – have rarely been critical darlings.

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An essential piece of gear for any musician or venue hoping to perform to an actual “audience,” live sound mixers in 2016 are now available in a variety of configurations and at prices ranging from the historically affordable to sky’s-the-limit, upper-tier.

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Upfront Q&A

With a goal of producing musical instruments that are more accessible for younger (physically smaller) players, Nuvo Instrumental is an emerging force in the quest to create more lifelong music-makers.

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Back in 1959, fellow music educators George Quinlan and Tom Fabish joined forces and launched Quinlan & Fabish.

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The Good Fight

I write this article for the March issue of MMR on President’s Day as the snow is falling in New York.

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A lot of things come in groups of three. There are three primary colors. The strongest geometric shape – a triangle – has three sides. A BLT has three ingredients – bacon, lettuce, and tomato. And Hear Technologies, the manufacturing group of parent company, Quantum Technologies, has just three full-time employees.

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A ligature is no small thing.

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In this issue, we devote a sizable chunk of real estate to examining the current fretted market for instruments and gear geared toward the hard rock and heavy metal enthusiast – what purchasing trends are emerging in 2016, how best to sell to this type of consumer, what products are really moving off the shelves, et cetera.

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What if I told you that the key to success in MI today could be bought for the measly price of $2.99?

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