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Last Word

The connection between music and non-traditional gender identities, aka LGBT, goes back decades, if not centuries.

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Small Business Matters

We are entering the summer season, nearing the mid-point of the year and turning the corner into fall. What better time to rejuvenate and refresh the way we are approaching our music businesses? 

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In the Trenches

Richard Hannemann

After almost eight years of reading MMR, I admit to feeling somewhat left out.

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The growing number of music museums all have a retail component. Is there a connection?

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Chuck Surack

If, at 14 years old, Chuck Surack hadn’t met his first girlfriend, he probably would have made Eagle Scout.

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Kawai Model GL40

The people at Kawai certainly possess a passion for pianos.

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Legator Guitars' Ninja 300 Pro

Electric guitar suppliers discuss the 2016 market. 

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Manuel Rodríguez chats with a luthier at the company's factory in Spain.“Spanish guitars must be built in Spain,” enthused Manuel Rodríguez III, CEO of Manuel Rodríguez Guitars, while speaking to MMR from the company’s factory in Toledo, Spain earlier this spring.

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D'Addario Soundhole TunerGuitar and bass accessory suppliers chime in on market trends.

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In this survey of over 200 MI retailers, MMR aims to get a sense for what trends are driving cable sales in 2016. 

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