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The closure of Peavey’s European HQ during the latter half of last year means the firm is now without distribution in the UK.

In truth, the future of the UK base was in doubt as soon as the firm decided to move manufacturing away from there to China some time ago.

MMR understands that there are a number of UK distributors currently kicking the tires of the range. But it is a big commitment and will require the right level of logistics for a big-box product line-up. There are further questions about whether anyone will want to commit to the entire range including the guitars and Trace Elliot bass amps.

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UK retailers are gearing up for National Learn to Play Day, which will take place on Saturday, March 21st in what is set to be its biggest outing to date.

Similar to NAMM’s Just Play initiative the day sees stores open their doors to offer the public free sample music lessons and also generates plenty of much-needed exposure for the industry.

In a first for the event this year, and to increase the number of dealers involved, some venues will be also be participating on Sunday, March 22nd.

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Can a British-made acoustic guitar brand sell the blues back to Americans?

It seems like a tall order, but that’s the aim of burgeoning UK manufacturer Nineboys and its collection of intentionally distressed parlour guitars which it is selling under the Tonk Bros brand name.

Designed and made in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (that’s pronounced Suffock, folks) in partnership with a specialist wood manufacturing company, the guitars are made from EUTR and CITEs compliant superior grade birch ply. The top and back have the bracing integrated into the design for additional strength. The bracing pattern has also been designed to maximize volume whilst maintaining strength.

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UK trade body, the Music Industries Association, is forecasting further turbulence for the UK market, as it continues to reposition itself within a modern retail environment.

The overall message from the MIA is one of positivity though and, as it rightfully points out, even though economic conditions remain fairly unforgiving, there were few major casualties in the UK MI industry during 2014.

Chief executive Paul McManus believes there is every cause for optimism, telling members: “We must all remain clear that musical instrument shops do have an ongoing role in the communities that they serve, with the internet certainly playing a large part of today’s MI, but it is not the mainstay.

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It looks like there is going to be a massive Fender-shaped hole in this year’s Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

The trade show, which runs from April 15th to 18th (with consumer days on the 17th and 18th) will reportedly be without the guitar giant, which has opted to put all its weight behind this year’s NAMM instead.

It would be unfair to say that the show is struggling in any way, with attendance last year at a healthy 110,000, just shy of its 2013 peak of 113,000 but up on the 2012 visitor numbers. Increased consumer opening hours have contributed to that as has the burgeoning pro-audio sector (the Pro-light and Sound pro audio event runs concurrently with the show and the numbers are combined), but trade scuttlebutt says that people are starting to reassess their commitment to the expo.

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The Zengcheng District – a district of Guangzhou, China – features a balmy climate with high-yielding, fertile land, an average yearly rainfall of 73.6 inches, and an average temperature of 72 degrees. Now the Zengcheng District’s features make it suitable for the growth of tropical and subtropical crops, most notably the lychee. But, something more unexpected has taken root and grown in the fruitful soil of Guangzhou: the Chinese piano-making industry.

Think of The Pearl River Piano Group as a seed. A seed is comprised of many pieces that help it to not only survive, but to germinate and flourish. An avocado seed, for example, features a seedcoat, an embryo, a hypocotyl, a radicle, and cotyledons. A piano has five main components: resonator, action, keyboard, pedals, and outer frame, or cabinet.

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As we begin a brand new calendar year, MMR reaches out to our friends in print music publication to learn what titles were the biggest sellers in the previous 12 months.

While songbooks associated with the year’s most notable motion pictures and albums (The Lego Movie, Frozen, Lorde) connected with end users, tried-and-true method books as well as new or updated technical studies continued to be strong sellers, as well…

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The annual industry get-together in the OC has very specific purposes and goals – introducing new product, placing orders, reconnecting with colleagues and friends, and learning about developing trends in the marketplace – but, even with the busiest of schedules, you’ll likely find yourself with some “down time” while in Anaheim.

To this end, last year we reached out to a few of our friends in MI to find out about what restaurants, bars, clubs, and activities they seek out beyond W. Convention Way. The response from readers and visitors to was so enthusiastic that we’re bringing back this somewhat lighthearted (but nonetheless valuable – trust me, you’ll get sick of the offerings at the Marriott, Hilton, and yes even the still-new-to-the-NAMM-scene food trucks) feature. The 2015 installment of “Experts’ Guide to Anaheim” finds veterans of the NAMM Show sharing some suggestions for activities and locations within a short walk or ride from the Convention Center which can provide a welcome (even if only brief) break from the “business” of NAMM.

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One of today’s most passionate, effective advocates for music making and music education, Mary Luehrsen has directly impacted – for the better – the lives of so many who participate in, support, or simply appreciate the culture of music in contemporary American society. A former professional flutist, a veteran music teacher, and currently the executive director of the NAMM Foundation, hers has been a life shaped and defined by a love of the positive impact that music can have on individuals and communities.

Through her work as director of the NAMM Foundation, she and her team have helped support a number of music research initiatives that reinforce the importance of music education and inform policy decisions that impact the lives of students and parents across the country. Similarly, Mary spearheaded the now-annual NAMM Fly-In to Washington D.C. during which association members meet with members of Congress and directly advocate for support for music education. I’ve had the pleasure and honor of participating in a few Fly-Ins and, even from my limited vantage point, I was able to glean some perspective of the massive amount of work she handles juggling logistics, personalities, and budgets. It’s a huge undertaking that, due to her efforts, runs like clockwork 99% of the time – and any problems that do arise are attacked with ferocity and resolved in short time. The woman means business. I’m glad Mary’s on our side.

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The annual Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC), held November 19-22 in Indianapolis, Indiana, saw numbers consistent with recent years. While several more companies combined booth footprints at the 2014, the total number of exhibitors (106) was virtually identical to the previous year’s tally. The number of on-site $20 single-session and expo tickets, however, was noticeably less than in 2013, which represented the bulk of the difference between that year’s number of overall attendees (5,100) and the reported 4,700 in 2014.

PASIC’s marketing and communications director Matthew Altizer says, “We've seen a lot of the manufacturers and exhibitors joining together whether an actual merging of the companies or just joining together and sharing booths, so it's interesting. We're so excited to have so many exhibitors and they all seem to be very pleased with the numbers coming through the exhibit hall . We're hoping they'll all come back next year for our 40th anniversary of PASIC.

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