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Drum & Percussion Sales in 2016

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Last Word

Music’s age of glorious excess, the one epitomized in the hard-rock parody “This Is Spinal Tap”, or in the less-celebrated and already-cancelled HBO series “Vinyl,” has been over for some time, with the limos replaced by Uber and the Bolivian marching powder replaced with hipster PBR.

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Small Business Matters

Menzie PittmanWhat if you stopped and talked to a stranger sporting a music logo?

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In Part II of MMR’s coverage of the unique product launch that took place on September 9, we are placing the spotlight on their DJ-inspired releases.

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Upfront Q&A

Boning Up on All That’s New for Tonebone

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In 1935, Otto Lagervall, an inventor, entrepreneur, and musician, created a folding music stand that was unlike anything else on the market at the time. This breakthrough was key to the founding of the Manhasset Specialty Company in Lagervall’s hometown of Manhasset, New York. Today, the company is headquartered in Yakima, Washington and, some 81 years later, a refined version of this same music stand remains its flagship product.

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In the Trenches

Jeff MazzaI began my career delivering Lowrey organs in the summer of 1984. From the day I started I was told, “You missed it.”

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I’m writing this issue’s editorial from the Music China show in Shanghai and, just as in previous years, what I’m struck by – not just at the Expo Centre, where you’d of course expect to hear non-stop music (or at least “musical noise”) – as I walk around the city, is the ubiquity of music.

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‘Start-up’ Drum Kits in 2016

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