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The Hawaiian music duo Hapa has been the contemporary face of the islands’ traditional music culture for two decades.

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President Donald Tump has boasted in the past (he later backpedaled on this) that, as a second-grader, he punched his music teacher, giving him a black eye.

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Owners and managers operate at a very fast pace, but it’s not the pace that we need to be hyper-focused on; it is the prolonged exposure to running at such high RPMs that is critical.

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Accessories are a consistent, reliable category for most MI retailers and it’s quite possible that nothing generates more traffic and sales than fretted string sets.

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Reeds, drum sticks, clip-on tuners, stands, strings – these items and many more are essential to all active players of every ability level.

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The great American chain is one of the most versatile parts of our culture, but adding music stores into the rapidly- evolving retail equation usually isn’t very common. Yet, Music & Arts – a company on the brink of turning 65 – has already accrued 150 stores across the United States (that’s about two new stores every year they’ve been open, for the record).

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Show Report

It’s always tough to top a major anniversary celebration, but the 2017 Retail Print Music Dealer’s Association gathering did its very best, assembling 49 dealer companies and 36 commercial companies to discuss the present and future of the print music industry.

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Whether he knows it or not, Menzie Pittman has always been an entrepreneur.

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Chris Syllaba’s 30-plus year career with Jordan Kitt’s Music essentially started by accident.

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Most musicians take the magic of cables for granted; German innovators KLOTZ, however, do not.

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