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Results from this month’s retailer survey were something of a mixed bag, though there were some takeaways.

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Creating a performance venue in your music store is a great way to connect with the community and increase customer traffic.

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My wife and I enjoy cruising. During meals, we are usually seated with new acquaintances. As so often is the case, the “What do you do?” question will eventually surface.

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In 1964, Ludwig Drums and Ringo Starr changed the drum industry forever when Starr appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” performing with his Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl drum set. Over 50 years later, a Ludwig is still passing the goods on to Mr. Starr - and drummers all over the world.

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As Mauro Di Gioia picks up the phone to chat with MMR this past October, he’s fresh off the plane for a trip to China, and awake a short seven hours after putting together an instructional video for a teacher at 1 a.m.

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James Rea has been holding intimate one-in-one interview events, known as “The Producer’s Chair,” with Nashville’s leading music Producer’s for 11 years, almost all of them from the stage of Douglas Corner, one of Nashville’s more enduring live-music clubs.

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Small Business Matters

We have a choice to make every day. Are you an optimist, pessimist, or realist about the changes that affect your businesses?

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Since the music industry is still recovering from the recession, Wells Fargo Distribution Finance (CDF) understands the unique challenges facing music retailers.

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For the past… well, certainly since I came on board at MMR in early 2002, nearly every issue has featured articles, surveys, or editorials that have, in some way, touched upon the challenges and threats that online retail poses to brick and mortar MI dealers.

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