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Current Issue

It may only be September, but the holiday season never fails to creep up on parents – and stockists – somewhere between Halloween and Thanksgiving, causing plenty of harried shopping for both parties well into December.

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We catch up with representatives from seven major suppliers to learn about what’s hot in Signature Series guitars...

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Upfront Q&A

MMR recently chatted with senior officers of C.F. Martin & Co. to learn about developments of note the storied guitar manufacturer, what instrument introductions have been making waves of late, how recent import and trade regulations are effecting the company, and how they view the current state of the acoustic guitar market. 

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In the Trenches

On a recent return flight from a trip visiting dealers and a couple of dealer sales events, I came across the Washington Post article by Geoff Edger’s titled “The slow, secret death of the electric guitar and why you should care” (June 22, 2017).

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With over 70 percent of the participants in this month’s retailer survey, sent to over 400 MI dealers, claiming that sales of wireless microphones are either up or level when compared to 2016, this would appear to be a pretty healthy market segment.  

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There’s a long list of situations that could constitute a musician’s “worst nightmare,” but among them, chipping the glossy, radiant finish from a beloved guitar (or whatever it is you play) is a standout. 

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Last Word

The values of vintage electric guitars have taken a hit in recent years, and electric guitar sales are down overall by about a third in the last decade.

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Small Business Matters

It was just before 7 PM on Friday night: the countdown to the summer Rock Camp Concert had begun.I was so excited, as I finally had a two-hour window for my first hot meal of the week. 

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On August 19th, Donald and Melania Trump announced that they would not be attending this year’s Kennedy Center Honors Ceremony, which will celebrate Gloria Estefan, Lionel Richie, LL Cool J, Norman Lear, and Carmen Lavallade. 

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