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This issue’s dealer poll – sent to just over 300 MI retailers – on the topic of hollow body electric guitars provided both some expected results, as well as a few “Hmmm…” moments.

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Show Report

Opinions differ wildly, depending on who you speak to as to the relative success of this year’s Musikmesse gathering in Frankfurt.

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In the 16-plus years I’ve been on staff at MMR there have been periodic rumors of Guitar Center’s imminent demise.

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Small Business Matters

At CMC we talk obsessively, but we don’t always talk exclusively about music. Sometimes, out of a random discussion, a pearl of wisdom will grace a conversation, and so the trick becomes a matter of learning to recognize those moments.

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Current Issue

Hindsight is usually more revealing than foresight, so when I reread a listing of topics I wanted to explore in my November debut 2017 MMR column, I was surprised to note that I had missed the most obvious and the most important point.

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Last Word

Art and commerce have been uneasy bedfellows for centuries, and it hasn’t been getting any easier lately.

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