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Singularity isn’t just a term used to describe the coming robot apocalypse (although we’re closer to that than you might suspect). The value of individuality in a musical instrument has deep roots, and the bespoke instrument has always maintained a special level of additional worth in the guitarosphere. Three years ago, NAMM noted a resurgence in demand for the custom­-made guitar, as well as an enhanced appreciation of those who make them.

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From Santana to Shakira to Marc Anthony, Prince Royce, Nicky Jam, and beyond, Latin pop music has been – and remains – a powerful and consistent (powerfully consistent? Sure – why not?) force in mainstream culture for decades. Aside from those who simply enjoy listening to the music, individuals with aspirations of actually playing the music have a very “user friendly” portal to this particular genre via Latin hand percussion instruments.

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With over 70 percent of the participant’s in this month’s retailer survey reporting either “up” or “level” sales of Latin hand percussion instruments, compared to the same time last year, this would appear to be a fairly robust market segment.

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Upfront Q&A

Ultimate Ears' Mike Dias In­-ear monitors have been the standard for many top touring acts for decades now, but Ultimate Ears (UE) is looking to expand that user base by making superior in­ears available even to musicians operating on a less than “rockstar” budget.

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Jim and Jon Mouradian in the store's main workshopThere is one glaring omission from this issue’s “Trade Regrets” column and that’s deliberate – I wanted to devote more real estate to paying tribute to Mouradian Guitars’ Jim Mouradian, who unfortunately passed away on January 14th of this year.

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Show Report

"Each year is different isn’t it? I believe every show is a reflection of the industry at that moment,” observes NAMM president and CEO Joe Lamond. “My impressions this year were of an industry in a dynamic period of change and a hunger to learn where things were headed, and for that the show did not disappoint.

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Small Business Matters

At the NAMM Show there is always more information than you can ever wrap your head around. So I thought I would try to recap some moments of interest and share some ideas I witnessed at this year’s show.

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Special Report

See who took the award for “Worst Surprise/Best Turnaround,” “Worst Mini-plague,” and “Best Eye-catcher,” among others. 


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