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Keyboard workstations are powerful “all in one” units that combine a keyboard (shocking!), sound module, and music sequencer.

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Move over Netflix, audio streaming is now king. Boosted by hit albums by Beyoncé, Drake, Rihanna, and other artists, music-streaming services like Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify have overtaken video streaming as the leading mode of content distribution.

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The results of this month’s dealer survey – sent out to over 200 MI retailers – suggest that studio monitors represent a fairly steady slice of the overall musical gear market.

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Adaptation and a solid expertise of your field have always been the keys to the longevity of a career or independent store, and after 50 years in the business of selling pianos, Joe DeFio is a walking encyclopedia.

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Any given Ortega Guitar has seen more of the world than most people – perhaps even more than the person playing it.

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Upfront Q&A

MMR sits down with Daisy Rock Guitars’ Tish Ciravolo to discuss why she started the brand, how the company has evolved, her recent partnership with KMC Music, and why the “Girl Guitar Revolution” can’t be stopped (and can represent serious profits for your MI retail operation)…

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Small Business Matters

It took a 9 lb. puppy to finally sober me into accepting and employing the tactic that every business book, self-help book, and dog training book puts as their first order and command.

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Last Word

We’re familiar with the stages of grief and the arc of the typical pop star career.

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“New York’s most storied recording studios have been vanishing, victims of more accessible digital recording techniques and escalating real estate prices,” noted a September 5, 2017 feature in The New York Times.

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