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MMR’s May issue “Century Club” story highlighted several venerable MI companies on the basis of their unbroken history of family ownership. But there’s another manufacturer that holds the distinction of being the only major American MI company to be returned to family ownership after a break. That company is Gretsch – which has had someone named Gretsch at the helm for 116 of its 133- year history, and still does today.

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Small Business Matters

If you think about it, it’s not hard to relate to what happens to school students over the summer.

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Guitar and bass FX pedal suppliers discuss the market.

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Current Issue

A man, his guitar, and his build and repair products. Rick Rosenberg of GluBoost shares how big love for his guitar changed the course of his company’s trajectory, and his commitment to products that make a real difference in the way guitar techs and luthiers do their jobs.

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As the fifth most populous city in America and the second largest on the East Coast, Philadelphia is an economic and cultural force. Additionally the city’s rich musical history – ranging from classical to R&B to soul to hip hop and more – coupled with a large college-level student concentration makes for an active MI scene, both for retail and supply.

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The world’s largest piano supplier looks towards the future.

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The Good Fight

I hope you are reading this in the throes of summertime renewal.

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Last Word

The idea of the itinerant music teacher who has piano students over to her cozy home or meets his young charges in the sunlit atelier of a music shop has a nice Norman Rockwell ring to it, and it’s still done that way in thousands of instances every week.

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Since the event debuted six years ago, one of the annual highlights of Summer NAMM has been the Top 100 Dealer Awards.

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Profile of the American Music Dealer

A few years ago, MMR retooled aspects of our auditing methodology, employing more accurate data collection and analysis tools, which resulted in numbers for 2014 that were, at the time, somewhat at odds with figures presented in previous years.

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