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Upfront Q&A

Washburn Guitars is one of the most storied American brands, long favored by a number of prominent artists across many genres.

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Special Report

Promos are nice, but relationships reap the rewards.

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Last Word

When attendees and exhibitors walked onto the show floor at NAMM in Nashville on that Thursday, they saw a summer show that continues to expand and look healthier each year.

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In the Trenches

Retailers often say they want their customers to be “100 percent satisfied.” But, really, that’s not enough to make customers loyal – loyal to the point of exclusivity, where they will shop with your company and nowhere else.

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B&O accessories sales in 2016.

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In this election year – a pretty wacky one, by anyone’s estimation – you might take solace in participating in another voting process with considerably less associated angst and confusion: Indeed, it’s time once again to select the nominees for MMR’s annual Dealers’ Choice Awards (DCAs).

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Show Report

“Industry conditions continue to change rapidly, and this year’s Summer NAMM Show provided a unique platform for our members to better understand the impact of these changes.,” observes NAMM’s Joe Lamond.

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Godin ACS-SA Slim

Nylon-stringed acoustic guitars take center stage.

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