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Back in September of 2013, MMR decided to single out eight up-and-coming guitar brands that we felt were poised to make a significant impact in the market that year. 

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The D’Addario Chromatic Pedal Tuner features a rugged aluminum enclosure, fast note detection, superb accuracy, wide calibration range, and a foot switch.

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The BIAS Twin Delay, Modulation, and Distortion pedals from Positive Grid are a new line of professional effects stompboxes designed for maximum tone versatility.

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The 1699R Statesman from KMC Musical Instruments is a two-channel, 50W amplifier that offers A/B/Both channel switching operation, tube-driven spring reverb, and variable send-and-return levels.

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The Platform pedal from Electro-Harmonix is a fully-featured stereo compressor/limiter that also includes an overdrive section and volume swell function. 

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Show Report

Two things stand out in my mind from this year’s Summer NAMM,” says NAMM president and CEO, Joe Lamond.

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Overall, the acoustic guitar market seems to be a relatively rosy segment for MI retailers in 2017, with nearly 75 percent of participants in this month’s survey reporting that sales are either up or level when compared to this same time last year.

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With nearly 40 percent of participants in this survey claiming that “Back to School” business accounts for between 50 to 100 percent of their total annual sales of marching band related gear, it’s safe to say this season is a crucial one for those retailers heavily invested in this segment.

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In the Trenches

America’s largest national forest – the Tongass in southeast Alaska – is the only national forest where commercial clear-cutting continues.

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Small Business Matters

To be an effective leader in the music retail business, you need beacons and guiding principles to get you through the difficult job to which you committed yourself.

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