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Special Report

Thirty Pearl River, Kayserburg, and Ritmüller dealers from the United States and Canada recently returned from four days visiting Guangzhou, Southern China’s largest port city where they were able to tour the new Pearl River piano factory.

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In anticipation of the coming fall semester MMR recently reached out to over 500 MI dealers across the country to discuss instrument rental programs.

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Upfront Q&A

Harmonica players within pop and rock music are often a somewhat anonymous bunch, so far as “name recognition” by the general public goes.

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Last Word

Income inequality has emerged as the main debate in the wake of the Great Recession.

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A couple weeks ago, one of the bands I play in opened for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – a real treat for me and my buddies, having grown up listening to these guys’ albums and going to see them around town since before we were in high school.

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In the Trenches

The opportunity for this guest editorial presents itself in the receding shadow of the 60th anniversary of the Stratocaster, which Fender celebrated throughout 2014.

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Show Report

“There was a lot of value for both exhibitors and retailers alike in Nashville – the NAMM Member companies came ready to do business,” notes NAMM president and CEO Joe Lamond, regarding this year’s Summer NAMM Show.

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Small Business Matters

Growing up being a drummer, nothing was cooler than being fast.

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MMR Global

Guardian of Yamaha's flagship London retail outlet, once Chappell of Bond Street, former orchestral musician. Equally revererential towards Rachmaninov and Steve Guppy...

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MMR Global

A top secret mole has revealed to us a list of scrapped brand expansion proposals from a Gibson Brands meeting...

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