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Interest in electronic percussion had sort of “ebbed and flowed” from the ‘70s through the early 2000s, but in recent years it seems like those types of instruments have solidly moved past being considered – by some – to be a passing fad and are now embraced by many players. What do you think are some of the major drivers behind the evolution to the current level of acceptance and appreciation?

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Based on this month’s survey – sent out to over 450 MI retailers, globally – electronic drums & percussion represent a fairly static market segment in 2015.

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Show Report

The news out of China this past summer was mostly centered around the nation’s stock market crash – a main source of global economic volatility for many month – but if anyone suspected that such recent instability would have a negative impact on the Music China show, the turnout and of October’s gathering in Shanghai quickly put such thoughts to rest.

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If you asked Ben Kraft, president of Kraft Music, to write about the history of Kraft Music, he’d say that he considers the store to have had two chapters. Chapter one begins with his father, Roger Kraft.

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Under the “about us” section of the Gatchell website you will see a section labeled “Our Mission.”

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Upfront Q&A

To say that the past 12 or so months have seen a lot of changes for KMC Music could be safely qualified an understatement: In January of 2015, the organization (still at the time a subsidiary of FMIC) sold all of its percussion brands, as well as Ovation Guitars, to Drum Workshop; Just one month later, FMIC completed an asset sale of the KMC Music wholesale distribution business and proprietary brands to JAM Industries, Ltd.; early June saw the opening of a new KMC headquarters in Connecticut and relocation of warehousing and distribution to Mississippi; later that same month KMC became the U.S. distributor for Supro amps; July saw KMC being named sole U.S. distributor for Paiste America; and this fall, the organization was named the American distributor for Rhythm Tech after JAM Industries acquired the brand.

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The Boulder Creek Guitars warehouse and office space sits amongst pastoral fields of garlic, tomatoes, and corn in Gilroy, California, at the southernmost tip of the Santa Clara Valley.

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The Good Fight

I grew up in a home with a grand piano.

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A good chunk of this current issue of MMR turns the spotlight on electronic drums & percussion, with significant attention given to how recent (and ever-continuing) technological strides have benefitted both top-level pro performers who make use of increasingly realistic and “tweakable” sounds, as well as entry-level players as kits drop in price.

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Last Word

The two most iconic brands in MI, Fender and Gibson, are in the process of remaking themselves.

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