Bowed Instruments

Gatchell Violins

Gatchell Violins provides our qualified dealers with affordable high quality bowed string instruments, and their accessories, while helping them serve the needs of school orchestra programs throughout the USA. Our company is dedicated to the instruments that make up the violin family. Our focus is to provide instruments that look good, sound great, are easy to play and are easy on your school's budget.
400 Stan Drive Unit 2
Melbourne, FL 32904
Contact: James Phillips, Operations Manager
P: (327) 733-1499
    Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor, Manufacturer

    Accessories: CFX, Hermann Luger, Stradpet, Pirastro, Doux Strings, SUMI Rests, GVC Rosin
    Bowed Instruments: Ametto, H Luger, Nicolas Parola, Keith-Curtis and Clifton, KCC, Stefan Petrov, Rudolph Fielder, Viktor Kereske, Ricardo Galaini, Plamen Edrev, Radiana Edreva, Barbara Piccinotti, Roberto Cavagnoli, Guangzhou Consortium, Nicolo Marcasi


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