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Lee Oskar Harmonicas (A division of Lee Oskar Enterprises Inc.)

Created by world-class harmonica virtuoso Lee Oskar, in collaboration with Tombo Mfg. of Japan, Lee Oskar Harmonicas has been providing consistent, superior quality in harmonica manufacturing since 1983. Globally known for excellence and innovation alike, Lee Oskar Harmonicas pioneered an interchangeable system of reed plates, combs and cover plates that serves as the industry’s "gold standard." As a highly trusted global brand, Lee Oskar Harmonicas is known for: * An Exciting Product Line Known for Innovation and Consistency * Outstanding Service to Retailers * Highly Profitable Line * Streamlined System with Uniform Pricing * A Complete Line of Harmonicas and Educational Resources for Musicians of all Genres, Styles and Levels The Lee Oskar Harmonicas product line features a variety of top-quality harmonicas, sold separately and in QuickStart Kits geared for Guitar/Ukulele players and other kinds of instrumentalists. Lee Oskar Harmonicas are available in various keys with standard and altered tunings, which allow musicians to play a wide range of musical genres and styles, including the most common forms, such as: blues, folk, rock, R&B and country (using standard tuning), and other genres, such as: Hip Hop, Reggae, Ska, Latin, Gypsy, Yiddish, Eastern European, Asian, and many other types of music (using altered tunings). Lee Oskar Harmonicas also offers harmonica holders, carrying cases, and informational booklets with easy-to-follow instruction, supported by an online educational resources found on Lee Oskar Harmonicas is proud to be the exclusive distributors of Tombo Musical Instruments in USA, Canada, South America.
PO Box 2210
Everett, WA 98213
Contact: Sri Oskar, VP
P: (425) 258-3585
P: (425) 258-3585
Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor, Manufacturer

Traditional Folk Instruments: Lee Oskar Harmonicas


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