Marching Percussion

Lutner Spb

Metalistov pr. 7 of. 407
Saint-Petersburg, St.-Petersburg 195176
Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor, Manufacturer

Print Music: Compozitor Publishing House, Muzyka publishing house, Jurgenson Publishing House
Marching Percussion: ED Cymbals, Fat Drums, Caucasian Drums
Traditional Folk Instruments: DOFF, Balalaiker, Valdai Bells, The World of Harps (Mir Gusley), Shuyskaja garmon, Tula Garmon, Potkin's Jew's Harps, Glazyrin's Jew's Harps, Kosmosky Steel Tongue Drums, Balalaikas, Domras, Harps, Gusli, Bayans
Percussion Instruments: Lutner, ED Cymbals, Fat Drums,
Accessories: Lutner, Gospodin Muzicant, Leonty, DOFF
Plucked / Fretted Instruments: DOFF Guitars, Balalaiker, Resonance Harps


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