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200 Scenic View Drive
Cumberland, RI 02864
Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor, Manufacturer

Pro Audio / Sound Reinforcement: Alesis, Alto Professional, M Audio, Denon Pro, Marantz Professional
Keyboard Instruments: Alesis, Akai Professional, M Audio,
Percussion Instruments: Alesis
Amplifiers: Alesis

Alternate Mode, Inc.

102 First Ave
Chicopee, MA 01020
Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor, Manufacturer

Percussion Instruments: Electronic percussion controllers, malletKAT, trapKAT, drumKAT, panKAT, DK10, KAT kt1, KAT kt2, KAT kt3, KAT multipad, Aquarian inHEAD, Aquarian onHEAD, DITI

American Way Marketing, LLC

Wholesale distributor of quality musical instrument accessories including All Cass, BG France, Blue Juice, Claude Lakey, FibraCell, Legere, Meyer/Otto Link, MTS, Mutec, Neotech, Richards Reeds, Rovner, Runyon, Tom Crown, Ultra Pure, Yamaha and home of Superslick, FAXX and 1st Lesson. Your source for private labeled and custom packaged musical instrument accessories.
400 Pine Creek Court
Elkhart, IN 46516
P: (574) 295-6633
    Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor, Manufacturer

    Retail Displays & Business Products / Services: Your Source for Private Labeling, Custom Components and Custom Packaging. Let us help you support your Store/Brand with private labeled components and custom packaging!
    Marching Percussion: Marching Care Kits, FAXX Plastic Brasswind Mouthpieces, Mouthpiece Pouches, Chopsaver & Musicians 1st Choice Lip Balm, Marching Lyres, Flip Folders and Gloves
    Brass Instruments: Brasswind Accessories: Mouthpieces (FAXX, Yamaha, Schilke, Jet-Tone, Denis Wick, Warburton, Mutec), Mutes (FAXX, Mutec, Yamaha, Harmon, Jo-Ral, Tom Crown,SaxMute, Denis Wick), Brass Lubricants (Superslick, Al Cass, Ultra Pure, Hetman, Blue Juice, Roche-Thomas, Alisyn, Bio Oil, Yamaha), Valve Guards, Bow Protectors & Slide Savers, Lyres, Marching Lyres & Flip Folders, Instrument Stands (K&M, Hamilton), Music Stands & Lights, BERP & Warburton Embouchure Trainers, Straps and Harnesses (Neotech, FAXX), Mouthpiece Pouches, MTS Cases, Case Tags, Maintenance/Care Kits (Superslick, Reka, Yamaha), Cleaning Swabs (Superslick, BG, Hodge, Yamaha), Cleaning Brushes & Snakes, Polish Cloths (Superslick, Blitz), Valentino Repair Items, Mouthpiece Pullers, Lip Protectors, Mouthpiece Pouches
    Woodwinds: Woodwind Accessories: Mouthpieces (FAXX, AWM, 1st Lesson Econo), Meyer, Otto Link, Babbitt, BARI, Guy Hawkins, Wolfe Tayne, Portnoy, Yamaha, Claude Lakey, Warburton, Ted Johnson, RS Berkeley, Vandoren, Rico), Mouthpiece Cushions (BG, FAXX), Ligatures (Rovner, BG, FAXX, Amplate, Rico, Vandoren), Mouthpiece Caps, Cane Reeds (FAXX, 1st Lesson, Rico, Hemke, Lavoz, Lurie, Vandoren, FAXX, MARCA), Synthetic Reeds (Legere, BARI, Fibracell, Bravo), Double Reeds (FAXX, Emerald, Richards, Jones, Meason, Legere), Straps (Neotech, FAXX), Instrument Stands (K&M, Hamilton), Music Stands & Lights, Palm & Side Key Risers, Key Clamps, MTS Cases, Case Tags, Maintenance/Care Kits (Superslick, Reka, Yamaha), Cleaning Swabs (Superslick, BG, Hodge, Yamaha), Cleaning Brushes & Snakes, Polish Cloths (Superslick, Blitz), Valentino Repair Items, Mouthpiece & Pad Savers, Pad Paper, Lip Protectors, Reed Cases
    Percussion Instruments: Bell & Percussion Items, Drumsticks & Mallets, Recorders (Yamaha, Tudor, Narragansett, 1st Note), Kazoos, Slide Whistles, Fifes
    Accessories: Your Source for Brass, Woodwind & String Instrument Accessories. Manufacturer & Principal Distributor of all SUPERSLICK, FAXX & 1st LESSON Products Elkhart IN, USA
    Bowed Instruments: String Accessories: Strings (Red Label, Sensicore, Pinnacle, Old Fiddler, Dominant, Black Diamond, D'Addario), String Adjusters, Bows (Glasser), Shoulder Rests & Pillow Pads (Muco, Artino, Motrya, Kun, Superslick) , Chin Rests, Bridges, Mutes, Humidifiers, Rosin (Superslick, Clarity, Supersensitive), Luthiers Choice Peg Compound, Luthiers Choice Wood Polish, Fingerboard Tape, End Pin Holders, MTS Cases, Case Tags
    Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Select Guitar Care Kits and Accessories

    Avedis Zildjian Co.

    22 Longwater Dr.
    Norwell, MA 02061
    Business Type: Manufacturer

    Marching Percussion: Zildjian Cymbals
    Percussion Instruments: Zildjian Cymbals, Gen-16
    Accessories: Zildjian Drumsticks

    BONE Custom Drums

    10670 Independence CT. Redlands
    San Bernardino, CA 92374
    Business Type: Manufacturer

    Percussion Instruments: BONE Custom Drums, BONE Custom Snare Drums, BONE Accessories

    Boso Drumsticks

    1300 Hudson St. A-6
    Hoboken, NJ 07030
    Business Type: Manufacturer

    Percussion Instruments: Boso Natural Bamboo Drumsticks, Boso Dark Bamboo Drumsticks, and Boso Strata Bamboo Drumsticks


    5100 S. Eastern Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90040
      Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor, Manufacturer

      DJ & Lighting Equipment: Roland, BOSS, AIRA
      Percussion Instruments: Roland
      Accessories: Roland, BOSS
      Effects & Pedals: Roland, BOSS
      Amplifiers: Roland, BOSS
      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Roland

      Brio Sales Group

      2648 Meadow Wood Dr
      Palm Harbor, FL 34683
      Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor

      Percussion Instruments: Dream Cymbals & Gongs

      Burns Engineering

      2426 Canada Blvd. #7
      Glendale, CA 91208
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Percussion Instruments: Bass Plate
      Accessories: Bass Plate

      Cecilio Musical Instruments

      8676 Rochester Avenue
      Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
      Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor, Manufacturer

      Brass Instruments: Cecilio, Mendini
      Woodwinds: Cecilio, Mendini
      Percussion Instruments: Mendini, Kalos
      Bowed Instruments: Cecilio, Mendini
      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Kalos

      CHOPS Builders

      2903 Mount Royal Drive
      Castle Rock, CO 80104
      Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor, Manufacturer, Other

      Marching Percussion: CHOPS Builders,POWER Wrist Builders, DuraSticks
      Percussion Instruments: CHOPS Builders,POWER Wrist Builders, DuraSticks
      Accessories: POWER Wrist Builders, DuraSticks

      Craviotto Drum Company

      PO Box 719
      Santa Cruz, CA 95019
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Percussion Instruments: Craviotto Custom Shop Solid Shell Snare Drums & Drum Sets


      Birkenweg 4
      Biel, BE 02504
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Percussion Instruments: Cympad
      Accessories: Cympad


      4924 W. Waters Ave.
      Tampa, FL 33634
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Percussion Instruments

      Dealer Direct

      17162 Murphy Ave. Suite B
      Irvine, CA 92614
      Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor

      Retail Displays & Business Products / Services: Performance Plus
      Pro Audio / Sound Reinforcement: Performance Plus
      Traditional Folk Instruments: Kay Chicago Blues
      Percussion Instruments: Performance Plus
      Racks, Cases & Stands: Performance Plus
      Accessories: Performance Plus, Cable Corp, Kay
      Effects & Pedals
      Bowed Instruments: Kay, Santa Rosa
      Amplifiers: Kay, Performance Plus
      Videos / DVD
      Microphones: Performance Plus
      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Kay, Santa Rosa

      Dream Cymbals and Gongs

      616-R St. Clarens Ave.
      Toronto, ON M6H 3W9
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Marching Percussion: A2E Energy Hand Cymbals, A2C Contact Hand Cymbals, Feng, MBAO, Chau
      Percussion Instruments: Bliss, Contact, Energy, Dark Matter, Vintage Bliss, Pang, Ignition, RE-FX, Crop Circles, Libor Hadrava Stacks, Feng, MBAO, Chau

      Drum Channel

      900 Del Norte Blvd.
      Oxnard, CA 93030
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Percussion Instruments: Drum Channel
      Accessories: Drum Channel
      Videos / DVD: Drum Channel

      Drum Workshop Inc.

      3450 Lunar Ct.
      Oxnard, CA 93003
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Percussion Instruments: Drum Workshop, DW, Pacific Drums and Percussion, PDP
      Videos / DVD: Drum Workshop, DW, Drum Channel, DC


      5115 Excelsior #218
      Saint Louis Park, MN 55416
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Marching Percussion
      DJ & Lighting Equipment
      Percussion Instruments

      Drumskull Drums

      105 Pioneer St. Ste. C
      Santa Cruz, CA 95060
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Traditional Folk Instruments
      Percussion Instruments
      Videos / DVD