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Bentivenga Named President of Yamaha Guitar Group

by Christian Wissmuller • in
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• Created: March 5, 2019

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Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. has announced the forthcoming appointment of Joe Bentivegna to president of the Calabasas-based company. In his new role, Bentivegna, currently the organization’s Chief Operating Officer, will assume leadership of Yamaha Guitar Group and its responsibilities in managing three of the guitar and bass industry’s leading brands: Yamaha guitars, Line 6, and Ampeg.

Mr. Bentivegna joined Line 6 ten years ago, and as COO he has been overseeing and building teams that manage the company’s product development, supply chain, IT, logistics, and customer support functions. Mr. Bentivegna has been vital in leading the company through its continued growth and transition into a member of the Yamaha family. Previously he served a 16-year tenure at digital media powerhouse Avid, where he was Chief Operating Officer for the Video Division.

“I’m thrilled to be passing the torch to someone who appreciates the company’s culture and our customers so much, and is such a great fit for the role,” remarked Marcus Ryle, current President of Yamaha Guitar Group and Co-Founder of Line 6. “With his history and proven track record, I’m confident Joe is the right person to lead the organization into the next phase of innovation and development.”

Line 6, launched in 1996 but originally founded as Fast Forward Designs in 1985, was acquired by Yamaha in 2014 and, under Ryle’s leadership, formed into Yamaha Guitar Group and acquired Ampeg in 2018. As he approached 39 years of leadership in the MI industry, Ryle decided at the beginning of 2019 that the timing was right for him to step down as President and transition into a consulting role. “Our leadership team has shown great skill in managing and growing our guitar brands,” Ryle added. “I feel very lucky to be able to leave the company in such capable hands.”

“I am enormously thankful to Marcus Ryle for his many contributions to Yamaha Guitar Group. I am humbled and honored for the opportunity to now lead this amazing team into its next era,” said Bentivegna. “We have great products, great customers, and what looks to be an exciting future in front of us. I also look forward to building even stronger partnerships within all of Yamaha and throughout the industry.”

Mr. Ryle is will continue in his role through the end of March, and Mr. Bentivegna will assume his new role beginning April 1, 2019.

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