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Art Pro Audio’s New Pedals

by Victoria Wasylak • in
  • Accessories
• Created: January 24, 2019

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Applied Research & Technology (ART) will debut new guitar solution pedals at the forthcoming NAMM Show, including the Patch-In, L-Switch and Loop Switch.

The Patch-In pedal allows the user to easily patch extra effects into signal chain on busy boards. It can be used as a passive signal splitter and accommodate easy hook up of a large board. Users can bring input and output connections to a convenient location on cramped boards.




The L-Switch is a normally closed (NC) latching footswitch for use with various effect units or amplifiers that have an external footswitch jack. The pedal’s compact footprint takes up less pedalboard space than other products with the same function.


The Loop Switch adds true bypass to vintage/valuable effects without modifications. The pedal can bypass multiple effects pedals with a single stomp and works as a simple A/B selector.

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