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New Accessories from D’Addario

by Victoria Wasylak • in
  • Accessories
• Created: May 1, 2018

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D’Addario Woodwinds’ Rico by D’Addario Bulk 50 Boxes each contain 50 individually-sealed and barcoded reeds.

This new configuration is offered for B♭ clarinet, as well as Alto and Tenor saxophones.

Rico by D’Addario reeds are naturally grown and digitally milled for unprecedented consistency and quality. In addition to this new offering, Rico is available in configurations of 3, 10, 25, and 250 reeds for all voices of clarinet and saxophone. Reeds are offered in strengths 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3.

The new DIY Solderless Pedalboard Audio Cable Kit with mini plugs is the ultimate solution for custom wiring your pedalboard or rack gear when space is restricted. Featuring solderless plugs that connect to cables in seconds, creating custom lengths has never been easier – it’s as simple as cutting the cable to length, placing the cable end into the plug end, and securing the set screw to produce flawless, great-sounding cables.

The included plugs can be configured for straight or right-angle connections, and use less space than standard audio plugs. The plugs also feature our patented Geo-Tip design for an enhanced connection in any instrument, pedal, or amp jack for custom cables that produce the most accurate and reliable reproduction of your sound.

Including 10 plugs, 10’ of cable, mini cable cutter, and screwdriver, D’Addario’s DIY Solderless Pedalboard Audio Cable Kit comes with Mini Plugs.

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