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• Created: July 27, 2018

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Vater’s Stick & Finger Tape helps improve grip and prevent hand fatigue, while still allowing a sense of feel. Each roll of tape is one inch wide by 30 feet in length, and One roll will wrap approximately 5 pairs of sticks. The tape can also be used to wrap just fingers for added protection while playing drums, as well as hand percussion. The tape is available in red, blue, white, black, and green.


The Little Monster Brush is a smaller version of Vater’s popular Monster Brush. A versatile specialty brush that can be adjusted to provide the subtlety and swish of a brush or a “stick like” feel for a fat backbeat without a ton of volume, this brush features a comfortable grip and wavy polymer strands for a unique sound and feel.

Vater’s Splashstick Lite offers the same design as the Splashstick but with smaller diameter dowels for lighter weight, volume and a smaller grip size. The rubber sleeve goes further up the stick than other comparable sticks like it on the market for greater durability.

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