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New Drumsticks from Vic Firth

by Victoria Wasylak • in
  • Accessories
• Created: January 24, 2019

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The new Vic Firth Freestyle series of drumsticks offers an enhanced experience for drummers, allowing them to move up and down the stick, adjusting touch, feel, and sound without any loss of control.  The new Freestyle series of sticks draws inspiration from the world of freestyle longboarding, and creates parallels to the flow and freedom of expression that a freestyle rider feels when riding on an extra-long deck.

The new sticks feature a massive overall length of 17” and an extra-long taper, resulting in more than double the area where a drummer can place their fulcrum. The Freestyle series are made from hickory, and have a hybrid acorn tip with barrel edges. Freestyle is available in the most popular Vic Firth models: 7A, 85A, 5A, 55A, and 5B.

Booth# 7222

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