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• Created: June 13, 2018

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Evans Drumheads’ Hydraulic Red offerings now include a 14″ coated snare batter, which will also be the first in the Evans portfolio to feature a clear version their patented UV-cured coating.

Hydraulic Red drumheads feature a thin layer of oil sandwiched between two plies of 7 mil red film, offering maximum durability, and a short, fat sound. Hydraulics are famously easy to tune, making them a perfect fit for troublesome drums and players with little tuning experience.

Used as a snare batter, Hydraulic drumheads produce a very short, focused sound with little to no overtones. The addition of our patented UV coating creates an extremely durable finish that will not flake or chip as easily as traditional coatings. This coating also features enhanced surface texture, making it great for brush work.

The Hydraulic Red Coated Snare Batter retails at $41 MSRP ($18.99 MAP)

Evans Drumheads by D’Addario Percussion expanded their UV coating technology to a brand-new line of bass drum heads. The UV1 Series is the number one solution for drummers who are tired of flaked, chipped and worn out coatings. The UV1 Bass series features a 10 mil, single-ply bass drumhead as well as popular EQ4 and EMAD variations available from 16’ to 2

Promark by D’Addario has released the new FireGrain line of drumsticks, a series of drumsticks that uses a heat-tempering process that transforms ordinary hickory drumsticks into durable precision tools. 

These FireGrain sticks allow drummers to hit harder and play longer without any excess vibration and keeping with the original weight, balance, and feel.

Promark has also expanded their ActiveGrip line to include a Classic2B model, as well as a clear finish option for their existing product line up. The technology behind the heat-activated coating makes the ActiveGrip stick tackier as the player’s hands sweat and their body temperature rises. Unlike


other grip alternatives on the market, ActiveGrip doesn’t tear up players hands or cause restrictions to range of movement or technique.

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