Stedman Corporation’s PureConnect Cleaner Kit Line

Victoria Wasylak • Accessories • May 7, 2019

Stedman Corporation’s PureConnect connector cleaner kit line includes the Gig Pack (GP-1), Studio Kit (SK-1), and Pro Kit (PK-2).

PureConnect kits are designed to improve and maintain connection reliability and eliminate noisy and intermittent audio connections, and are intended for use in any home, studio, or live sound application. All kits include custom Microfelt cleaning tips and pads with a supply of DeoxIT connector cleaner/conditioner fluid. Both the SK-1 and PK-2 PureConnect kits provide all the components needed to thoroughly clean XLR and ¼ inch male and female audio connectors. The GP-1 kit is designed for 1/4″ male and female connectors and comes in a portable tin that will fit inside any guitar case. The cleaning kits range from $26 to $116. Tips and cleaner refill kits are also available and can be purchased from Stedman dealers.


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