Hughes & Kettner 30th Anniversary NOS Limited Edition TubeMeisters

MMR • Amps • September 26, 2014

For Hughes & Kettner's 30th Anniversary, the company is producing a Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Series of its groundbreaking TubeMeister range. The amps – which are set to be available as TubeMeister 18 Head and TubeMeister 36 Head models – all feature Soviet “New Old Stock” EL84 power tubes that were built long before Hughes & Kettner was founded.

The tubes comply with military-grade specifications for the aircraft industry (which require the highest levels of reliability and the strictest tolerances), and are built to last for a lifetime. According to K&K, they deliver noticeably more output than standard EL84s. As with all TubeMeister amps, the anniversary models feature Red Box DI output, a flexible Power Soak, and the trademark blue-lit logo.


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