Peavey’s MAX300 Bass Amplifier

Victoria Wasylak • Amps • August 13, 2019

Peavey’s MAX300 bass amplifier has a built-in Kosmos-C bass enhancement feature that adds harmonics and subharmonics for maximum tone. Along with a three-band EQ, the combo also offers Overdrive, Contour, Mid-Shift, and Bright switches. Peavey’s DDT™ clip-limiting technology protects the speakers and is great for slapping techniques and other loud-playing scenarios.

The amp’s angled baffle design helps direct the sound where needed. Instead of pointing the sound at the player’s ankles, the speaker is angled up to optimize both the ability to hear and the amp’s overall projection.

The MAX 300 also enables players to enjoy maximum flexibility, whether they’re on stage, recording, or rehearsing. Players can utilize the external speaker out or EFX loop, while the ultra-quiet DI output is ideal for connecting into the PA system with excellent control and tone. The MAX 300 also features a built-in chromatic tuner with mute, a tuned and ported enclosure, 1/8″ headphone output and 1/8″ auxiliary input, as well as XLR direct output with ground lift.

To offer a best-in-class power-to-weight ratio, Peavey’s team carefully selected lightweight woods, utilized an efficient power amp, and tended to every design aspect. The unique cabinet design allows for superior frequency dispersion in tight spaces.


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