The BJF-S66 from One-Control

Victoria Wasylak • Amps • July 17, 2019

One Control, in collaboration with renowned electronics designer Björn Juhl, has introduced its first ever guitar amp head: the BJF-S66.

BJF-S66 uses an efficient Class D power amp design, and the preamp is a discrete, solid-state all analog signal path for pure tone. The ultra-compact BJF-S66 features 2 channels – rhythm and lead, with adjustable lead boost – plus 3-band EQ controls, a bright switch, channel-specific reverb level and decay controls, and tremolo controls.

On the rear panel, there’s an effects loop send/return, preamp out (to feed recording gear, effects processors, or another power amp), speaker out, and footswitch inputs. Channel select, FX loop (on/off), and tremolo (on/off) are all optionally controllable via footswtich, either using separate latching footswitches or the custom FS-P3 3-way footswtich ($119 street; sold separately). Street: $599 USD


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