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The MVX150 Head and Cabinet from VOX

by Victoria Wasylak • in
  • Amps
• Created: January 19, 2018

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The MVX150 is the first amplifier equipped with Korg’s acclaimed Nutube technology in both the preamp and power amp.

Coined as “NuPower,” it uses Nutube in a push-pull configuration, borrowing circuit design techniques from some of history’s best vacuum tube amps, resulting in both a pure clean tone, as well as a modern high-gain sound, with a powerful low end. These carefully constructed amps contain two channels with two modes for each channel, resulting in a diverse range of sounds. The passive tone circuit, with the addition of bright and fat switches, produces warm, tonal quality, reminiscent of a supreme boutique amp. The MVX150 series will be available February 2018 for $849.99 and $999, respectively.

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