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E.K. Blessing’s New Instruments

by Victoria Wasylak • in
  • Band & Orchestra
• Created: May 7, 2019

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The Blessing BBCL-1287E bass clarinet provides durable construction along with a rich, earthy bass sound that helps stabilize a concert band’s woodwind section. It offers a two-piece ABS resin body with nickel silver, neck, keys, and bell. It is lightweight and convenient for transport and storage. With a range to low E♭, the BBCL-1287E is easy to play allowing for immediate success and confidence.

Pitched in B♭ and designed with a trumpet valve block, the valve fingerings of the BVT-1470 Valve Trombone are identical to the trumpet, but the sound is one octave lower. It is the perfect double for a trumpeter or affordable alternative for members of the low brass section that prefer the traction valves provide, particularly for fast passages that may be problematic for a hand slide. With its bell forward projection, the BVT-1470 provides the playability desired in school marching, pep, or jazz band settings.

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