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S.E. Shires Releases First Commercial Jazz Trumpets

by Sharon Paquette Lose • in
  • Band & Orchestra
• Created: February 15, 2017

S.E. Shires has incorporated the best aspects of prized vintage horns with modern centering and intonation.

This new line of commercial model trumpets feature the broadest bell taper which produces a wide variety of tone colors throughout the range of the instrument. And narrow bracing contributes to the instrument’s response and ease of attack. Additionally, various bore options and extra lightweight bell creates a very responsive horn with a large projecting sound. The three models include a .454 medium bore BH trumpet, a .462 large bore BH trumpet, and a .465 extra­large bore trumpet. Designed to be open and efficient, the sound is colorful and flexible with strong slotting in the upper register.

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