Yamaha DTX-502

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• Created: July 11, 2013

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With almost twice the wave ROM and more than 250 additional sounds than Yamaha’s previous drum trigger module, the new DTX502 is the first to incorporate drum and cymbal samples from VST developers optimized for DTX. The system lets users import audio samples and MIDI files for further expandability. It also includes advanced features such as cymbal muting, natural swells, and smoother snare drum rolls.

The DTX502 module has a streamlined front panel layout that features plug and play USB connectivity. The new design allows the DTX502 to be mounted to acoustic drum hardware using a standard multi-clamp for use in a hybrid acoustic-electronic drum set.

Models in the series include the DTX522K, which has a three-zone XP80 8” DTX-PAD snare and three newly designed TP70 7.5” tom pads. This kit is the first electronic drum kit ever to feature a three-zone hi-hat pad. The DTX532K uses the same drum pads and rack system as the DTX522K but features an upgraded hi-hat and two large PCY135 13” three-zone choke-able cymbal pads. The top model in this series is the new DTX562K, which upgrades the toms to an all-DTX-PAD configuration with three XP70 7” pads.

Retail price: $2,637 (DTX562K), $1,732 (DTX532K), $1,507 (DTX522K).

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