Roland RD­2000 Stage Piano

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• Created: March 24, 2017

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Roland RD­2000 is the latest generation of the long-­running RD stage piano series. Equipped with dual sound engines, exceptional feel, and advanced controller features, the RD­ 2000 offers top-­level live and studio performance for modern working pianists.

The RD­2000 has a dedicated sound engine for acoustic piano that incorporates Roland’s latest V­Piano technologies for rich, authentic tone. And with full­-keyboard polyphony, players can realize sophisticated piano performances with no compromises. A second engine with 128­note polyphony drives an extensive electric piano library that includes classic EPs from the 1970s, plus all­-new recreations of the Roland RD­1000 and MKS­20 from the 1980s. There are also more than 1100 ensemble sounds on board for covering any musical style.

The PHA­50 progressive hammer-­action keyboard with features hybrid keys constructed of wood and molded materials designed to combine classic feel with rugged durability.

Offering the most extensive controller features of any RD­-series piano to date, the RD­2000 is ideal for commanding a large stage or studio setup. A newly designed interface offers a massive range of control with Scene memories, LED knobs and sliders, eight internal/external zones, and more.

Via the built­in USB audio/MIDI interface, it’s easy to integrate computer­ based software instruments. Users can control them with zones along with the internal sounds, and route their audio through the RD­2000. In addition to main stereo outputs on XLR and 1⁄4­inch jacks, there’s also an assignable stereo sub output for flexible sound routing on stage.

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