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The Aria Pro Piano from Lowrey

Victoria Wasylak • Keyboards • January 19, 2018

The Aria Pro piano upholds the Lowrey tradition of elegant design and natural wood cabinetry that adds warmth and prestige to the home.

Adding to a huge collection of dynamic setups and varied styles are new features that enhance Lowrey’s famous “touch and play” ease of operation.

Starlight ABC’s makes finding the notes to play easy, and also illustrates the notes played, as well as the added notes of Lowrey easy play chords and harmonies.  Not only can the player hear the notes of an accompaniment chord, or an upper keyboard harmony, they can see them, and learn how they form.

Real Style by Lowrey puts the sound of the actual band or orchestra at your fingertips. Unique to the industry is Lowrey’s Orchestrator, which empowers the player to easily assign instrumental sounds to each note of a harmony.  Not only does playing with one finger sound like many, but now the entire sound can be customized.

Aria Pro offers substantial customizable capabilities to craft whatever type of musical sound is desired. Become musically expressive and powerfully creative with Aria Pro by Lowrey. 

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